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A Six Gun Sound: Blaze of Glory” Game Report (from a while back)

It is July, 1874, and the US Army has sent an expedition into the Black Hills of the Dakotas.
Preceding this column are intrepid scouts Chill Honeycutt and Sam Hayes. Their mission is to reconnoiter the table top and report back on the presence of absence of the native tribes.

For this game I used the Patrol encounter from Chain Reaction 3.0, and otherwise used the rules from Six Gun Sound: Blaze of Glory as events unfolded.

Chill Honeycutt, Rep 5, Toughness 5, Sand 5, armed with Trapdoor carbine and pistol, Quality 5 horse.

Sam Hayes, Rep 4, Toughness 4, Sand 4, armed with Trapdoor carbine and pistol, Quality 5 horse.

Both men are seasoned frontiersmen and will use the Mountain Man QRS.

The enemy start with three PEF’s (Possible Enemy Forces) which if they turn out to be folks, will resolve as Plains Indian Warriors. In addition each sector of the table will need to be scouted to see if perhaps there are more warriors hidden from view therein.

The table represents a wide valley with a few ridges, hills, woods, and a nice stream flowing along the bottom.  Although the table is 8’x 4’ only a 6’ x 4’ area was used for this game.

The photos show the table lay out and the initial location of the PEFs.

Advancing cautiously to the nearest high ground the scouts carefully scan the woods for sign. In the distance the left most PEF moves to join up with the center PEF. As the moving PEF comes into sight it is revealed to be…a pheasant.

Continuing their advance the scouts crest the middle ridge, bringing the left most PEF into sight. 

This PEF resolves into two warriors. One Rep 4, Toughness 4 Sand 4 and armed with a bow, the other Rep 4, Toughness 3, Sand 4 armed with a lance. Both ride Quality 5 ponies.

As the first warrior raises his bow, Chill fires, dropping the warrior with a gut shot. He is out of the fight.

The second warrior charges! Both scouts fire. Chill misses and is stuck fumbling for cartridges. Sam fares better scoring a head shot. The  warrior is dead before he hits the ground.

Suddenly there is whooping from the location of the remaining PEF. As the scouts turned right to face the first two warriors, the PEF is now on their left.

Four warriors come charging out of the brush, some 20” away. Three Rep 4, Toughness 4, Sand 4 warriors, two armed with smoothbore carbines and the third with a bow, accompanied by another Rep 3, Toughness 3, Sand 4 warrior with a lance. All are riding Quality 5 ponies.

The two smoothbores fire. One shot misses but the other hits Chill’s horse in the head, dropping him stone dead. Poor Chill is crushed beneath his falling horse and out of the fight.

An arrow grazes Sam’s horse’s neck. The terrified animal rears, bucking Sam, and bolting. Sam is now on foot, outnumbered and effectively alone! With any luck he can hole up by the dead horse and hold off the warriors until they tire of the game.

Sam dives for the cover of Chill’s horse and fires at the nearest warrior, missing. The warrior returns fire and hits Sam in the gun arm. The wound proves severe and Sam is unable to continue the fight.

With both scouts out of the fight it’s game over as the warriors advance to collect their trophies.

A short sharp fight with the two scouts ultimately faced by six warriors. One warrior is killed, and one wounded with the loss of both scouts, wounded and taken by their foes.

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  1. This is the first time I've come across a six gun sound battle report. Really enjoyable read. Thanks.

  2. You are welcome. Mind you while the combat and movement etc mechanics are original, it was not until a later game that we introduced PEF's and NPC actions so this game is not a "pure" Six Gun Sound game. The free Chain Reaction rules do include PEF's and I think NPC actions too so they are easy enough to add into the game.

  3. Nice report. I like the horse casualty marker. Too bad for the scouts.

  4. Yeah ! What a great report ! I do love 6GS ! I usually play multi players great encounters but i see small one can be very exciting