Saturday, May 28, 2011

Alone on the Streets: FF 2.0 Solo rules online


Just a quick note to let you know that my solo system for Firefight 2.0 has been made available at the Barking Irons blog

The system will control one side, or even the figures on your side if you want to play a full game on auto or perhaps just have each player conrtol one figure on your side.

It also allows for the possibility of random events which can add an increased element of uncertainty to your games.

All this is required is a deck of cards, and a copy of the game.

Hope you all enjoy it and as always feel free to comment.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Doctor Mouse Located by Kuhlsdorf Herald Expedition

Doctor Mouse I presume?
Pardon my lack of communication Gentle Readers. I can assure you it was only due to a matter of the utmost secrecy and urgency.

Several weeks ago I had been ordered to meet my editor, Borden Gennet Jr. at his suites in Paris, there to be tasked with the seemingly impossible. I was to travel to Darkest Florida and locate that explorer and missionary par excellence Doctor Mouse.

As you well know Doctor Mouse embarked on a mission of discovery for the Church of the Imagination Missionary Society some years ago and had not been heard from since. An expedition, quite half-hearted in this writer's opinion, had been sent by the Royal Geographic Society in an effort to determine the good Doctor's whereabouts. As is well known the expedition turned up many rumors and no facts. In certain circles it has been believed that the good Doctor fell foul of the marauding Peetie-Peetie tribe.

Undeterred by this latest intelligence, and in no way prepared to deny the wishes of the Editor, on whom may all Blessings fall, I outfitted an expedition to carry on the search. With the aid of my indefatigable, ur, aide, I arranged for a flying machine borrowed from Professor Elemental, to drop us, all too literally, on Doctor Mouse's last known location.

After days of trekking through stifling heat, with nothing to eat save cheese burgers and no drink save that which we could wring from the snack stands, I am please to announce that the good Doctor has been located, hale and hearty as a mouse can be.

I hope to resume regular blog entries presently.

Gen. M.. C. Monkey-Dew, VSP, FRPGS, ret.