Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Cult of Wig-El

While working on the halflings and recce section last week I also took the opportunity to begin work on the leadership of the wide spread yet secret cult of Wig-El.

This cult has been active in western Afri since time immemorial, waylaying travelers and dedicating their victims' lives to their foul goddess, Doro-Ti. 

Naturally the minions of the cult will soon run afoul of Giggers and his lads...

The above is by no means meant as a disparagement of The Wiggles who are Top Blokes and put on a great show.

I only regret that my children are too old to allow me to use them as an excuse to see the lads in concert going forward!

The halfling figures are from Alternative Armies and the goblin from Reaper. The figures were painted using Army Painter paints.

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