Monday, November 28, 2011

Le Beau Sabre Gauche

They Seek Him Here...

Not much of a post today, just wanted to get photos of this fine fellow on the blog. 

A simple conversion, using Alternative Armies' Duke of  Yippstatte. Having received the original (above), I just had to get another one to rework as an homage to Baroness Orczy's hero extraordinaire!

Both miniatures were originally painted by the staff painters at Alternative Armies. I had to re-paint the converted model a bit to cover up construction, paint the sword and scabbard, and of course put his mask in place so none might guess his true identity. 

They Seek Him There...

The Duke aka "Le Beau Sabre Gauche" is the start of a collection Gentlemen Adventurers being gathered for missions throughout Valon. A long term project that moves in fits and starts.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Titan's First Families: Turf War

A Triple Threat.

When the Mega-Cities decided to convert Titan from an airless prison to a habitable planet, everyone knew it wasn't going to be easy. The initial colonists would have to be very hardy and adaptable to survive long enough for their terraforming efforts to have effect.

Enter the Apes. Intelligent apes had been marginalized back on earth, being neither human enough to prosper nor animal enough to warrant the pampered life of their less developed cousins in the zoos.

Inevitably when human colonist's arrived the pioneer apes, euphemistically dubbed Titan's First Families, were faced with the same problems they had hoped to leave behind when they left Earth.

The vast majority of the ape community on Titan, as on Earth, are law abiding citizens just doing what they can to carve out a nice living for themselves and their families.

But inevitably a few have turned to a life of crime.

Recent Judicial actions in the wake of the Passenger 135 Killings have left a power vacuum, and crime hates a vacuum...

The Brains

The Brawn

The Beauty

With Muskets and Mohawks 2 off to the publisher, I finally found some time to paint. Not a big fan of  painting really, but I do like to have the finished product so "needs must" as they say.

Re-painted a selection of witches a friend had painted for me, only because my plans for them had changed.  Also finally got work on these beauties. 

Probably should have waited until I got back into the swing of things but just couldn't. Always loved these figures. In particular the way the big guy has his pockets stuffed to bursting with bananas.

Have some ideas for incorporating them into the Titan Rangers games but for now going to keep on painting.

Hope you like them and thanks for stopping by!