Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Army of Der Kleine Fritz Part One

Sorry to have been so absent of late. To be honest I am knee deep in "secret projects" at the moment and unable to post about them and working on nothing else...so unable to, uh, post about eh that as well.

However yesterday I received a package of Great Goodness from my good friends at Alternative Armies. It's been a while in the making and I have been ever so silent and patient while awaiting the finished product.

With the pending release of The Von Rotte Legion, I commissioned specially painted figures for my dwarven Seven Years War army. The first part is composed of two Divisional Army Packs for Slaughterloo.

The Belling Hussars
First up is this fine unit painted as the Belling Hussars. This is actually two Slaughterloo units combined to give a 20 figure unit. The models have standards so I appropriated the colours of Finkenstein Dragoons as a fitting tribute to Slaughterloo's Finklestein contingent.

Baron von Schoenaich Cuirassiers
 Next we have the Baron von Schoenaich Cuirassiers resplendent in their yellow coats. At the moment they number only one squadron of 10 figures. More are on the way.

The battle line

The Light Infantry
 The Light Infantry is generic and as yet unnamed. Again two Slaughterloo units of 12 figures make for one 24 strength battalion.

The Light Troops on the Left

The Centre
 There are two Line Battalions so far, Prinz von Pruessen and Manteuffel.

The Prinz von Pruessen Regiment
 As with the other units, two Slaughterloo infantry battalions make one regiment of line, 40 figures strong.

Baron von Rotte in the centre
Rounding out the army we have two mortars and crew, complete with draft pigs. The mortars can easily be swapped out with field guns as needed.

One can't see well enough in the photo but all of the standards have swapped out the Prussian Eagle for the Krautian Boar. 

The paint staff at Alternative Armies did a wonderful job one again and I cannot wait to see the rest of the army which is under the brush at the moment.

There will be one more infantry and one Grenadier battalion, as well as the remainder of the two Cuirassier regiments and a full regiment of Dragoons.  The next batch will also include mounted colonels for each unit.

I plan to use these chaps for games of "Charge!" , although as usual they will be used with a number of different sets.

Oh and finally Der Kleine Fritz is on my paint table. Actually I am having trouble deciding which figure to use for him  so it might be a while before he takes the field.

Thanks for stopping by!