Thursday, December 28, 2017

General Banal and the Plot to Assassinate d'Elrond

 “It will be as you wish General sahib”.

The swarthy otterman clutched the bag of coin tightly in his gnarled paw.

“None shall survive”.

The Elf, clad in mufti, to avoid attention, considered this and spoke.

“While I do not doubt your sincerity, mon ami Wesil, I must witness these events myself. This troublesome counter revolutionary slipped from my grasp once before. It will not happen again”.

“As you say, so shall it be done, sahib. My companions are ready and we will strike tonight”.

Not for the first time, General Banal reflected on the doleful state of affairs that had brought him from the Rivière de Couenne all the way to the Gobla Kush in Inji. Curse all dwarves and their baked goods! The raid on Ettinheim in Beerdan had ended poorly*. Only the intervention of the Inn’s dwarven bakers and their…their…creations…had allowed that cursed Royalist Louie Paon Confit, Duc d'Elrond to escape capture and the date with the firing squad he so richly deserved.

This scenario featured in this year's Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar, and you may read the rest of it here .

Also of particular note, Craig Andrews wrote a cracking scenario featuring our Hero, Giglamps getting up to shenanigans in Afri ...

As well as an absolutely splendid Valonian Word Search .

Being an Advent Calendar, there are naturally some 22 other entries for various game systems and I should think you will all find something of interest if you head on over there, uh, here .

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Turkish Delight For Christmas

Things are heating up in the Bulkans this winter as a large force of Ottermann  Empyre Janissaries arrived from Scotland, just in time for Christmas.

Intended for a modified version of Charge! there are two Ortas each with two companies of matchlockotters and one of poleotters, with command.

Each Orta totals a bit more than 64 figures total.

Also in the shipment are reinforcements for my camel troops bringing that arm up to 30 plus,

And two vics of flying carpets for a later time, enabling the natives to deal with Albion's light armour on the NWF.

Close ups of the various troops below.

Hope you all had a Happy Christmas and thank you for stopping by.

Happy New Year to you all!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sharke's Quarry and Some Other Distractions


December 11th marked the debut of this year's Fellowship of the Thing scenario as part of the Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar.

Sharke's Quarry finds the half elf Rifleorc in pursuit of a band of mutineers who have made off with Serjeants Balifine and McChutney. Can they be saved and what of the mysterious Rohziri tribe?

As always thanks to Craig Andrews for gathering 24 (this year 25!) articles to help while away the days leading up to Christmas.

With Advent writing out of the way I have returned to painting projects.

First up, the Ogre Grenadiers for Von Bark and Von Mops needed attention.

The grenadiers needed green facings and...

...Tand trews.

At the same time I decided to reverse the jackets..

...And facings of the musicians.

Also found the time to devote attention to the Tippooh.

A sparkling gem adorns his turban...

...As does a peacock feather.

Maybe not my best work...

...But it will do.

Now I need to get cracking on the Heffalumps but that might wait until after Christmas.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Cattle Raid of Guli

Been quiet here for a bit.

Mainly its because I had been working on material for this year's 
Advent Calendar

Each year Craig Andrews collects some 24 articles to provide fans of a variety of games a new piece every day leading up to Christmas Day (this year there are 25 I am told!).

Thank you Craig for your efforts. They are well received here.

Today (06/12/2017) I present a link to a little fiction and a Flintloque scenario set in the desolate Witchlands.

The scenario could really be used with any set of skirmish rules and indeed would work in the historical Retreat from Moscow setting with little alteration.

A cadre of the Star Wraith's Ghouls aided by two of Bakerov's delicious creations make a night raid on an unsuspecting Elven Field Hospital deep in the Frozen Witchlands in this Flintloque scenario for two players.

While the stated scenario setup and goal fall well into the realm of Gothic, it could just as easily be a Cossack raid on a vulnerable Imperial camp.

Of course if your marauders are desperate and not terribly discerning the goal could remain unchanged...

In any event I do hope you enjoy the story and scenario.

And thanks for stopping by!