Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Halfling Neighborhood Watch

Painted these GW halflings last week, after having purchased them in...1987.

They will now serve as Furfeet for WHAA and as the Gorgon Halfling Neighborhood Watch.

Furfeet are diabolical creatures that lure unwary travelers to their doom. They are fortunately rather rare and lurk in the woods in the wilder places of Talomir.

Don't be fooled by their simple appearance. You have been warned.

Gorgon is a region of Valon bordered by the Witchlands on the north and west and the Otterman Empire on the south and east.  The halflings of the region are prized by Otterman as slaves used to form their Mameluke corps in Aegypt.

 In the days before Mordred annulled Wyld Magic the Halflings were protected by the terrible Gorgons said to be able to turn a being to stone simply with a look. 

 Apparently this did not apply to halflings. 

In these dark times the halflings have been left to fend for themselves subject to Otterman slave raids and zombie Cossack raids alike. 

Of course these figures will do for any fantasy setting. This particular fellow is wearing Oriental armour. However I feel he would be just as at home chasing down Smurfs.

These figures are chock a block full of character. The photos and my painting skills do not do them justice. The fellow in the center above has one of the best expressions  I have ever seen on a figure.


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  1. Late 80's citadel greatness! Love 'em!

  2. They look pretty good to me. Makes me wish I had some.

  3. Excellent. Yup, GW had some figures with character back then. I love my beakey boys, and my old Gimp Guard!

  4. Thanks. Found more packs in the cache! One looks like a Witch Hunter and one is like the rat catcher but is hawking boots instead. One is holding a sword while gesturing with a chicken leg...each one is more fun than the last...Madness.

    1. i wish i can have many like yours.. i like this damn much.. anyway i love mini toy.. i hav many but not pretty and full of drama like yours.. love it!!

    2. Thank you very much for the kind words!