Monday, April 9, 2012

Sci Fi Recce Troop

Spent some time painting last week. Finished some halflings and the crewmen for this recce troop.

The figures are, of course, GW Cadians. A mix of troopers and walker pilots.

The "jeeps" are Macfarlane toys Warthogs from Halo, and the APC is a resin model from Scotia Grendal.

The crew are not glued into place so they  can be removed when dismounted. I've figures to build to represent them on foot but as I've  no immediate plans for them, I've left them unconstructed for now.

Have had the APC for more years than I can remember. It's the very one that I lost down a bug hole in a long ago game of THW's Chain Reaction, 1st edition.

The Warthogs are younger by many years, while the crewmen have been languishing around my painting area for about a year or so.

No idea what I will use them for or when but they are ready for action : )

Thanks for stopping by!