Saturday, April 14, 2012

The New Sergeants Three

Finished minor conversions on a few character models this weekend.
In the same spirit of entertainment innovation that brought you "The New Odd Couple", it is my great pleasure to present to you the New Sergeants Three!
Sgt's Machutney, Quatar, and Balifine prepare for review

As mentioned in a previous post, service in west Afri takes a grim toll in the lives of Orc and Rat officers sent to that fever ridden station. As a result the NCO's of the Halfingland Rifles are much more likely to be found in command of troops in the field than is the norm in the army of Good Kyng Gorge.
Captain Giglamps reviewing the troops
Sgt. Major Machutney
Old Giggers is well pleased with the NCO leadership of No. 8 Independent Company. His  Sgt. Major, Machutney is a great fighter, shrewd tactician as well as talented leader of halflings.

Colour Sgt. Quatar
Colour Sgt. Qatar is a bit of a brawler and always in search of "lost treasures". Still for all of that he;s a good halfling to have with you at the sharp end.

Sgt. Balifine
The senior sergeant of the company, Balifine speaks often of leaving the service and his absence would indeed by keenly felt. Still, for now at least, Machutney and Qatar have managed to keep him with the Colours.

Giggers gets in a little target practice

A rank an d position unique to His Majesty's Halflings is that of Regimental Baker. The Usurper Mordred of the Ferach Elves is famously quoted as having said that an army marches on its stomach. Nowhere is this more true than among the Halfling regiments.

Fighting is hungry work for the wee folk and battles are often punctuated by calls for "Pie",  and "Biccy". To meet this need the Halfling Regiments maintain a corps of combat caterers, whose job it is to keep the fighting halflings fed and in fine fettle.

The Regimental Baker, Gamgee Din
No. 8 Independent Company is well seen to in this area. Gamgee Din serves up the finest pies, ales, and suchlike in the Army and can always be seen distributing tasty treats where the fighting is thickest.

All of these figures started life as Alternative Armies painted figures. Gamgee Din is the least altered figures having only been touched up a bit and his hat band and cockade painted. The others had somewhat more extensive repainting and in the case of Machutney, as with all of the pistol armed halflings, some knife work as well.

Hope you enjoy them and expect them to feature in some AAR's as time goes by.

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