Thursday, January 19, 2012

Meet Bartholomew

 A while back a tragic dipping accident left me with a Rackham Wolfen without a head. While I was casting about for a replacement, fenntroll on the Two Hour Wargames Forum  wrote:

"And so begins the "Legend of the Headless Wolfen"".

Now that is a splendid idea!

After a bit of searching and gathering bits from a couple of GW kits, here he is.

Now as Doctor Doofenshmirtz would surely agree, every villain needs a back story so here goes:.

With the loss of the Virgin of Chartres, the Sons of Malsum were once again free to enjoy the hunt, and he was the greatest of their pack.

To be a pack leader is always to be on guard lest another try to take your place. He had let his guard down.

Wounded and left for dead, he was discovered by the Haliwell sisters. Taking pity  on this, one of the Adversary's creatures, they took him in and he was made whole again. or near enough for their purposes.

They named him Bartholomew and he is their creature. 

Like all good headless creatures of folklore, Bartholomew spends his down time looking for his original head, a pastime in which he will never succeed.

But you can't blame a ghoul for trying! As Coolio might have put it, he's been searching and chopping so long that even Malsum thinks that his mind is gone.

After and before so to speak. One of his pack mates displays his pre-op look.

It is hoped that Bartholomew will serve both in his capacity of indentured servant on the frontier of Colonial America, and in a number of less mundane capacities.

I'm currently working on arming a number of Wolfe to serve as another tribe to fight or join with the Mohorcs, the Ferach, the forces of Albion, and those of the Rebels of New Albion as needed.

They may also appear as one of the many tribes of Afri, although of this I am not sure.

To that end I wanted him to be holding a head that could pass for an Elf if used in a setting where there are no humans. Think he will do.

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  1. FANTASTIC! I love the story and what a great generator for more adventures! I want one! What was used for the skull head?

  2. Hello,

    Glad you like it!

    The skull is the drum from a GW Savage Orc box. Shaved off the orc arm holding it and it was good to go.