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Giglamps Up the Gumbia

Mungorc Park's Second Nigella Expedition
We last left Giglamps triumphant as he recovered the Kyng's Colours of the 21st "Eyes in Gourds" lost at the Fords of Isandlwana. In the aftermath a well chuffed Lord Chumpsford rewarded Giggers with a brevet Captaincy. However as is so often the case, there was no vacancy for a Captain in the "Sewon and Soforths".

As a result Giggers has been temporarily seconded to the army of the Royal Halflingland Company, and ordered to lead the troops escorting esteemed Afri explorer Mungorc Park on his second Nigella Expedition.

This is the start of an exploration campaign using a number of sets of rules.

The party will start out travelling up river using The Virtual Armchair General's  The Sword in Africa River Event Deck followed by overland travel using The Sword in Africa Safari Event Deck .

As new territory is explored the terrain will be determined using the excellent "Dr. Deadrock I Presume" that appeared as part of this years Advent Calendar on Orcs in the Webbe .

Folded in with all of the above I will be using the fantastic "Dark Continent" role playing game for bits and bobs.

Of course in all cases results will be subject to change based on what fits my collection and fancy.

Tactical combat will be resolved using either "Muskets and Mohawks" and/or "Long Rifle"  or "Flintloque" .

That intrepid Joccian, Mungorc Park

In his previous journey, Mungorc Parck suffered great hardship at the hands of Ottermen and Halfling alike. Having set out into the interior of Afri, accompanied only by some trusted halfling servents, Park soon found himself robbed, imprisoned, stripped, and left for dead repeatedly and not necessarily in that order.

Park had however achieved his goal. Mungorc was the first Rat, Orc, or even Elf to reach the fabled river Nigela and to return to tell of it.

After several years of recuperation, and writing of his adventures, the Royal Afri Society has prevailed upon Park to return to Afri and further his (their!) work. This time Park, now commissioned a Captain in his Majesty's Navy, is to seek out both the source of the Nigella and the legendary golden city of  Timsbucktoof.

Realizing that Park survived his last mission only by a great deal of luck and more importantly the Grace of Sentinel, this, the second Gumbia and Nigella expedition is travelling well armed indeed.

The expedition's second in command is Parks brother-in-law, Captain Alexander Anderat.

Captain Anderat preferring a scented hanky to the scent of the Gumbia

As already mentioned, brevet Captain Giglamps serves as leader of the expedition's soldiery.

Giglamps of the Gumbia!

Lieutenant  Pine Martyn of the Royal Marines serves as Giglamp's second.

Lt. Pine Martyn may be seen center background with cutlass.
The soldiery themselvesnsist of some twenty privates and two sergeants of the Royal Marines.

The rest of the expedition consists of four Jacke Tarrs led by a Bosun's Mate, and the expedition's engineer Vaughn Bone.
Vaughn Bone

The Plan:

Making use of Capt. Park's previous experience the expedition is heading up the Gumbia to the trading station at Pisofia, where supplies will be laid in and final preparations made for the journey inland. The expedition will then proceed further up river until eventually porteeing their whaleboats on  pack donkeys, trekking overland to the Nigella, and once again taking to the river.

The Map.
Dark Continent? More like Blank Continent!
On the map above you can see the territory "discovered" by Captain Park on his first trek. This trek begins on the coast and will head east until reaching the Nigella and/or traveling south to find its source or north to find Timsbucktoof and beyond!

Of  course circumstances may well force a change of plan...

That's all for now. Future updates as they occur.

This tale is continued here.

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