Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hexington and Cromford: Dispatch From New Albion

Dearest Notables,

It is with great joy that I write to you of a signal victory over the Rebels in Kyng Gorge’s colony of New Albion.

Approach to Hexington
The flank companies of the 4th were dispatched under the able command of Major Petcairn to round up Rebel supplies known to be in the environs of Hexington and Cromford Mound. 

Upon reaching Hexington Major Petcairn discovered Rebels assembled in Arms lined across the common. One of the Rebels fired and the Major quite correctly returned fire, dispersing the Rebels with a charge. Soon other detachments of Rebels were discovered sniping from cover along the route of March. In each case the demmed Rebels were dispersed.

Major Petcairn apprehended Rebel agitator Amuel Sadams hiding in a cupboard in a Tavern b’ Sentinel. According to the Major, Sadams was well out of his head and only capable of gibbering and raving of “Thyngs Orcs were not meant to Know” and “the Old Gods of this Verdant Lande”.
Rebels in Force

Rebels Dispersed
Upon reaching the, uh, “Tavern” known as Myrmidon’s House a large force of Rebels was spied approaching from the North. This force was great in number. The Major deployed the Light Company in Myrmidon’s House and fields, while the Grenadiers formed line just to the West. The now usual volley and charge with cold Steele set the Rebels running. During the fighting Myrmidon’s House was set afire. This was purely an accident of War and not the deliberate burning and pillaging of “Goode Honeft Fettlers” one may read of in certain Rebel Pamphlets.

Cromford Mound
From here the Major proceeded to Cromford Mound, and here the tale takes on the dimensions of Heresy. The Mound is a structure of great Age, and none could be in its environs without a feeling of dread so I am told. The stone work and carvings are like nothing we have encountered before and in truth to gaze upon them too long is said to court a certain Dizziness and Light Headedness not at all like that engendered by a good helping of Porte! 

Having expected to find stores of Arms and Provender the Major was appalled to find instead a veritable charnel house. Not an inch there was not covered in blood and the stench is said to have been worse than that of the lowest Rookery of Londonium! 

The Mound is cited on the land of one Squire Whately, and no amount of enquiring amongst the locals was able to produce knowledge of his whereabouts.

While the Major was engaged in this phase of the expedition, I taking the remains of the regiment and a company gun followed the Major’s trail. Leaving three companies in Hexington, I marched the rest and the gun to the sound of fighting to the West.  After some, dare I say tense, moments our forces met and I took charge of the prisoner and the casualties. The Goode Major was well shaken to say the least. Yet I left this detail out of my report to ‘Orseguards, lest it reflect badly on him.
The Major lost 18 from the Light company and 12 from the Grenadiers in this action, an action that confers upon him and the Orcs under his command, great credit.

Col. Ivor Smithy
New Albion Field Force (Commanding)


  1. Thanks Beccas. Next it is off to Naal in Afri, to quell a Halfling uprising.