Monday, December 5, 2011

Muskets and Mohorcs

 Just finished these fellows today.  As you can see they are GW Savage Orcs converted with firearms from Alternative Armies extensive range.  They can perhaps use a bit of lightening up of their skin tones. Already did this for their paint which darkened quite a bit when they were washed.
 They've turned out well enough, and will serve as tribals in many of the wilder parts of Valon. In particular they are meant to be lackeys of the elves in their plans for domination of New Albion. Their leader "Old One Eye" is ably backed by their shaman, Name Yet to be Determined.
Will probably add feathers and scalps and that sort of thing over time. For now they are ready to ambush any orc, dog, or dwarf foolish enough to enter the dark woods beyond the frontier. There are 15 with firearms, 4 with bows, and the shaman wielding his totemic bone.
A few words on the kit itself. I am no stranger to plastic figures having used GW's first plastic release from what, the 80's? as the core of several armies and of course having started wargaming with Airfix figures in the far distant past.

However I am no fan of multi-part plastic kits as these take much longer to get ready for painting than figures that come already posed. The Savage Orcs are particular offenders here for not only do they have separate heads, torsos, right and left arms, they have separate hands as well! Worse yet although the arms are separate there are not a lot of options when it comes to positioning them as you can see from the photos.

Still there aren't a lot of choices available when it comes to non-metal working orcs and goblins and these warriors will do as the Duke might have said.

Thanks for dropping by!