Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Battle of Breedlow's Hill

This game has been in the works for over a year.  It started with Hexington and Cromford back in January of 11. At that time I had no Fencibles to stand in for Albion Regulars.  Since then the fine painters at Alternative Armies have provided the required troops.

The Line infantry have appeared before in Flintloques in the Forest.  Added a unit of light infantry to that (pictured above) and some grenadiers.

I did quite a bit of touch up on the grenadiers. Some were seconded to the Regiment Guinalea to serve Mordred's cause. The others were given a change of colour in wings, turnbacks, and cuffs, to better suit their role in the New Albion Rebellion.

Although known as the Battle of Breedlow's Hill, the Rebels actually set up shop on Mrs. Beasly's Hill. 

Breedlow's Hill is further back and higher making it a better vantage point for the blockade of Bosstown, and the Albion G.O.C. (General Orc Commanding) was delighted that the Rebels had failed to occupy so militarily formidable  position.  

 The reason was more ideological than practical. Breedlow's Hill is home to one of the Gibbertrees in which the Rebels put so much faith. At the same time it is well known to residents of New Albion that one approaches a Gibbertree at one's own peril.

The Gibbertree has been seized upon by many of the Rebels as being emblematic of their struggle against Great Britorcn ever since that Rebel Agitator, Patrorc Henry, famously quipped: "Give me Gibbertrees or give me Death!".


  1. Great looking game - very interesting ;)

  2. ** groan **
    I'm actually distantly related to Rebel Agitator...

  3. Oh dear. That was on oversight.

    The quote is now correctly attributed to Patroc Henry! : )