Thursday, February 9, 2012

Flintloques in the Forest

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Three Companies of the 44th "Waxers" in a picturesque spot

While tooth and fang lie in wait.

A Ferach Captain and a Shaman hatch their plot.

With Hurorcs poised to meet their fate.

Playing a quick game using Steve Blease's "Ranke and Vyle" rules. A close scrutiny of the third photo will reveal the rule book in all its glory. It's a good set of rules that I like to play once and a while. The rules are for company level action in the world of Valon. Copies might still be available from Wessex Games.

Following on from that I plan to continue working on a pet project, "Company of Flitloques" (with apologies to Allan Mallinson). Like "Ranke and Vyle" the rules deal with company sized units in Valon. The mechanics however are derived from Flintloque 3rd edition.

There were a number of command oriented concepts that I wrote into "Muskets and Mohawks 2", that did not make the cut into the final product. I will be de-Two-Hour-Wargamesing these ideas and slot them into Company of Flintloques. Dealing with fights on this level. looking at what officers actually did, what information they needed to make decisions, and how those decisions affected the skirmish as a whole is well worth looking at.  Hopefully "looked at" in a matter that adds rather than detracts from play value.

As an antidote to having injected "simulation" into the game, I'm also looking at adding in some magic rules that exceed those present in Flintloque. "Wyld Magick" has been banished but there are still practitioners. The more so the further removed from the cockpit of Valon one gets and my games tend to be, er, removed.

If all goes well, magic will be very unreliable, while less dangerous to the caster than in "Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures". This ought to inject a properly fantasist slant to the game and be good for a few laughs as well.

More as it happens-ish.

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