Sunday, June 3, 2012

Well, Maybe Just Old...

This is a WIP report on the Microbele tribe of Afri.

As mentioned last time I had planned to paint 12 warriors a day over four days, and it was all too much. As it happens though, I really did paint 12 the first day and then largely due to our lovely weather* and its deleterious effect on my health, the figures sat dormant for weeks.


Until yesterday when I painted 36 (!) of the little blighters, all this between bouts of wrestling with lawn equipment, power washes and helping my boy with some computer issues.

Dipped all 48 today, and then worked on the two Indunas.

These chaps were done the old fashioned way. None of that dipping the kids are wild about these days...

The figures are from Old Glory's Dwarf Britannia range but with some rather clever painting of fur on their feet they will take their place in the ranks of my Halfling forces for Darkest Afri games.

The Microbele are a pastoral folk living south of the Suddan and fight against/ally with the Ottermans, Bilboists, Ferach Elves, and forces of Albion as required.

Currently they are required to serve as allies to the Isea N Eehigh as Queen Roo Di Shia seeks vengeance against the orcs.

Next steps of course are applying dull coat to remove the gloss and basing although not necessarily in that order

Hope you enjoy the photos and thanks for dropping by!

* The weather actually has been lovely spring weather. Brezzy, not too hot mostly, and occasional thunderstorms.  Sadly my dang lungs can't handle it any more.


  1. Thanks Ray!

    If only I could summon the interest and energy to do it two or three more times it would be an impressive force : )

  2. Merci!

    Spent time yesterday basing and sealing. They are ready to go now.