Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fire in the Suddan

The Halfling Tribes Gathered
Here they are in all their furry footed glory. 

As with all of my posts, a left mouse click on a photo will open an enlarged version. Should you wish to see more detail a second left click on the enlarged photo will usually produce and even larger image.

That out of the way the rather diminutive "host" is composed of one mounted unit and three foot.

They will be fighting alongside and against the Otterman of the Othari Empire.
They will also be standing in for the  non-Othari tribes of North Afri as Giggers and Co. continue their expedition into the area.

Bettan ah Bey
A conversion of an Alternative Armies studio painted figure.
Bettan serves as leader of the combined Otter-Halfling army that resists the Ferach Empire forces of Mordred the Usurper at such well known battles as "The Battle of the Pyreemiddens". In addition he also fills the role of Bilboist commander and that of Brigand Chief as required. This is not meant as a slam on his character so much as a product of the limitations of my collection.

Bettan Ah Bey oversees the host
When serving as Aegyptian Mamelukes fighting the Ferach, this mounted unit is backed up by four units of Otterman Gnoll Riders, and foot levies. 
Some day I should like to add another unit or two of mounted Halflings. As they seemingly come in only one pose at the moment, I've been putting off expanding the force.

The Mamelukes
Alternative Armies studio painted

Bettan Ah Bey's followers with the Pipeweed Banner
These chaps are the household foot of Aegypt's Mameluke rulers. Being city folk they prefer much more ostentatious clothing than their desert dwelling comrades.

Alternative Armies studio painted with home made flag

The following units were converted and painted over the last week or so. 
As an experiment I used only Army Painter paints and varnish on these fine fellahs.
With one exception. Found the Army Painter gold or "dwarven gold" had very bad coverage and so mixed it with Vallejo Brass. Rather like the combination if I dare say so myself.

Found the other Army Painter paints more than satisfactory and shall be purchasing more as required.

The text on the banners all come from "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, books vice films.
They are all lines spoken by Bilbo at some point which follows the theme that Bilbo is the true Messanger of the Author. Of course as far as any self respecting Halfling is concerned there is only one Author and Tolkien is his name.. 

The Haddenogre 

These dashing fellahs were quite a bit of fun. During the Mahdist wars of the late 19th Century, the Haddendowah tribe became famous for both their ferocity and their outrageous fros. So much so that they entered the British lexicon as "Fuzzy Wuzzies".

Decided to replicate and accentuate the hair style on the Halfling versions through the use of pom poms from the craft store. This required quite a bit of cutting the figrues' head gear but it has given the desired effect.

I took the liberty of giving their leader, "Osman Digit" a particularly large fro in an homage to the  Blaxploitaion films of my youth.

In truth Digit would be better represented as a mounted figure racing about the battlefield as needed. Perhaps one day, but this will have to do for now.

Converted Alternative Armies Halflings with home made flag
and converted leader figure
Finally, the followers of the Black Flag that started it all.
Finding suitable Bilbo Baggins quotes for the banners was quite a bit of fun in itself.

The followers of Bilbo Ali
Apart from their leader, and the lengthening of the flag pole, these are stock Alternative Armies Halflings.
These were painted after the style of the Mahdist warriors of Egypt and Sudan. 
If you look closely they have the colorful patches of poverty bling that became so popular during that rebellion.

Alternative Armies Halflings with home made flag
and converted leader figure

One more shot of the Black Flag Halflings

So there they are. Job done. Could use some more but I really do not like painting and would much rather play than do so.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and thanks for stopping by!