Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Border Raid with The Wargame

Borders are a wonderful source of inspiration for skirmish gaming. In some cases its hard enough for two opposing parties just to agree on exactly where one land ends and another begins.

Even well agreed upon borders need be no obstacle to a determined plunderer. Indeed in some cases such a border can be a positive boon. Witness the cross border forays of the Apache, Comanche, and other tribes into and from the US and Mexico. Once back across the border the raider is, if not safe, at least well protected by opposing national sovereignty and pride.

Sometimes these cross border raids take place with the knowledge, or even backing with plausible deniability, of one of the sovereign states involved.

And such is our case here: an Otterman lashkar has decided to raid a camp of Holy Rottweiler Empire grenz.

The dawn greeted the doggie piquet with the site of robed otters approaching en masse.  The scouts dutifully held their post until the signal fire was well and truly alight and then legged it for the redoubt post haste.

Sleeping dogs were roused from their tents as the bugler sounded the alarm. The detachment commander barked orders! The redoubt must be held until relieved.

In the distance, Omar-abd-Fisher Pasha led the advance.

This game will use Charles Grant's The Wargame rules. I recently developed a set of solo rules written by George Anderson for the Advanced Tobruk board game, and will be using those rules to control the otters.

I will control the dogs.

At scenario start I am well outnumbered with two musket armed and one sword armed unit of foot backed by a unit of gnoll riders, 40 figthing Ottermen in all versus my 12 light infantry.

Hopefully the signal fire will soon bring relief in the form of the rest of the light infantry, 12 more dogs, and two squadrons of hussars, a total of 10 horse.

Will they arrive in time?