Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Line Infantry of the Holy Rottweiler Empire

Games room move is about complete and just in time for another troopship from Scotland has arrived.

This time four regiments of Alternative Armies new Pudigroan Line Infantry, painted as troops of the Holy Rottweiler Empire.

As some wag has pointed out the Holy Rottweiler Empire is neither "Holy", composed of "Rottweilers" nor even much of an "Empire". In fact the current emperor is  the dual monarch of Bichon and Labradoodle, and his hold over Labradoodle itself is in some question.

IR 1 Kaiserin Karen

 Each regiment is composed of three, twelve dog battalions and a four dog colour guard carrying the Imperial standard and the Regimental standard.
IR 2 Alternativer Hunde
All told there are forty dogs on foot and each regiment will also have a mounted colonel although those figures are as of yet unreleased.

IR 3 Fuerst Josef
Each regiment is composed of two Slaughterloo battalions, each of one officer, one sergeant, one standard bearar, one drummer, and sixteen O. R.'s.

IR 4 Prinzessin Maria
In retrospect I should have ordered an additional two officers and two sergeants per regiment, and done the same with my dwarves. This would allow each 12 figure sub unit to have an officer and sergeant and provide additional figures to beef up the colour guard.

Bichon-Labradoodle Line Regiments

This is just the start of  the HRE force that will eventually include light infantry, grenadiers, light and heavy horse, and guns.

Really like the figures and the FABULOUS painting and flags provided by Alternative Armies on these.

Hopefully these dogs will see tabletop combat soon.

Thanks for stooping by and WOOF!


  1. They look great...and impressive!

  2. A splendid display. Will you be using these with Charge!?

  3. Just so good Sir! Will use them with other rules too of course, but organizationally these are for my take on Charge!.