Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bagginsa Halfling Raiders Completed

Finished up the Bagginsa mounted archers today. Some group photos with an individual shot of each figure.

These are half of the figures sculpted by Elton Waters that I have been working on this week and once again I must say "Thank you Elton!".

Here is the leader. Not sure of his name yet but I have added a carrot fetish to his head both to signify the importance of the carrot in my version of Afri, as well as to poke a bit of fun at overly spiky models.

In Afri, carrots play the same role as ivory in historical Africa. The abundance and size of Afri carrots is the main impetus behind the Burrovian Free State. We all know that rabbits are mad for carrots.

The various halfling tribes raid for carrots and slaves and the Bagginsa are fairly accomplished raiders.

Never noticed that Tree had a faced before. Creepy!

These figures were painted very much as a unit. One day I may go back and detail the eyes, and perhaps spend more time on the dogs. 

 Well pleased with the results here.

Hope you were too.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The soft tone looks good on them.

    1. Thank you. I quite agree. A little dark in places and I did go back and high light some of it away.

      You will be very pleased with the result on the brightly coloured Mamelukes once they are completed and posted.

  2. Great characters. I think the carrots are a little over-done:)


    1. Thanks. Yes the carrot is a bit "in your face". Someday I will do a carrot warrior where every bit of his armour is covered by carrots jutting out at uncomfortable angles (no I won'tt).

  3. thanks for the compliment bob my favourite of the whole bunch is the one just after the banner bearer (in the character studies) i managed to get his curly hair to flow out behind and gave him a soft afghan cap :)

    1. You are very welcome. Well deserved too.

      Agreed. He is our favorite as well (my son ad I). Great sense of motion and a great face as well.