Thursday, June 13, 2013

Operation Warboard: 1944

I am a firm believer in never letting a terrain set up go to waste. It takes some time to set up a table even when using a random terrain generator and that takes away from gaming time.

With that in mind I try to use each layout for two or three games before cleaning up and starting again.

So here sunny Spain from 1810 has been transformed into NW Europe some time in 1944.

Having recently picked up the reissue of "Operation Warboard", my interest in gaming WWII land battles has been piqued again.

So with a couple of boxes of Airfix, and Valient, and some AFV's from forces of valor all is ready.

Now I must first apologize for the look of the thing. You see I do not paint my WWII infantry. For reasons of my own I prefer to think of them as toy army men rather than real folks.

That out of the way, the scenario is once again a scout. This time I have a company of British infantry.

I entered one platoon at start moving for the wooded hill center right. It turned out to house a Stug that did for my officer and PIAT man. 

Faced with being overrun by the rest of the platoon it drew back to the farther ridge line.

So I set up a fire base on the near hill while occupying the middle hill.

Meanwhile a German Panzerschreck team and another Stug (!) arrived from off board.

I'm calling a halt until my Churchill troop arrive. They are in the post and should be here tomorrow...

Hope you enjoyed this bit of silliness.

As an aside, "Operation Warboard" is a standard, two player, miniatures game. I am using solo mechanics from the original THW "Nuts!" rules modified by some of the techniques in Muskets and Shakos for the German AI.

Back in the day when Ed Teixieira first suggested his idea of treating tanks like wandering monsters in a fantasy RPG, I was non-plussed. Happily the mistake was mine. A fine mechanic for solo and co op gaming.


  1. Gavin Lyall did not paint his troops either at least not the ones in the it is authentic silliness!

  2. Thank you very much for writing that.

    In the reissue the photos are smallish and I had not noticed.

    Seems I am in good company then!

  3. I found this post very refreshing. Maybe it reminds me of my youth or something, but those figures look just fine without any paint on them. And it's a reminder that the fun of the game is the important thing! Fair play to you for posting this!

  4. This brings back memories for me too. I used to paint just the flesh on my figures back in the day. I agree with Chris, this is a very refreshing approach to the wargame hobby as I find more and more nowadays that we get much too hung up on the modelling and painting aspect of the hobby.
    Indeed back in the 70' I started playing Napoleonics using Airfix figures sprayed red or blue for the British and French and had immense fun.... something sadly lacking in my own games at the moment.

  5. Lol! We didn't even paint our Napoleonics. They were all yellow and we needed to look at them to see which side they fought for!

    Way back my WWII and ACW figures were indifferently painted, my Romans and Sheriff of Nottingham a bit better and the AWI troops actually presentable. Btitons, French Foreign Legion, Arabs, Tarzan, WWI, and cowboys and Indians did not receive any paint at all.

    Didn't stop them from being fun to play with though.

    Mind you I would never use unpainted metal figures. Not sure it would be healthy even if they were pewter.