Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vimeiro II

View from left flank of Elven positions.
 Took a break from some other projects to play the Slaughterloo Vimeiro scenario again. Once again I took on the role of the Elves of the Emperor and allowed Kynge Gorge's Orcs and their skirted Rat lackies fend for themselves using some common sense and some dice.
105th Rifles about to be flushed from cover.
 Things went much better for me this time. My heavy battery forced the Orc battery on Vimeiro Hill to relocate over the crest and out of harms way while my Chasseurs a Pied kept the Orc lights busy.

As the Chasseurs fell back one Elf and one Dog battalion began an assault on the hill in assault column. The 105th Rifles fell back in disarray as the Elves of the line fought through the hedge on the left.
On the right side of the field, the Hussars de Juennes were able to dispute a small hill by arriving there before the Joccian Rats of the Starthcarnage and Kilmore. In fact the rats, not having had time to form square were driven back by the advance of the horseelves. The following Orc battalion was able to form square but the Rats were still dressing their lines when Ferach heavy battery unleashed a round of grape, and the Hussars charged home.

Avant! The Elves concentrate force on the Orc left.
The third Ferach line battalion drew up abreast of the battery to lend support which proved to be just as well when the Orc 10th Hussars charged! It was a magnificent effort but the Elves were able to hold their ground and drive the horseorcs from the field.

Now down to half strength, the Rats withdrew behind the square of their Orcish fellows. Said Orcs being in a bad way with Hussars prowling about and and a heavy battery and line battalion in support.

Only one Orc battalion remained uncommitted, on Vimeiro Hill itself. With two line battalions approaching from the front and the collapse of the square only a matter of time, the Albion command ordered a withdrawal.

Good fun as always and I think the very first time I have prevailed against Albion. Huzzah!

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