Thursday, August 25, 2011

Muskets and Mohawks 2 Progress Report

Burrovian Lights skirmish with Krautian Dwarves

Street Fighting Rabbits
Just a quick note today.

Have been looking over Muskets and Mohawks 2. Thought it was "done" but on re-inspection the state of THW rules has progressed.

M & M 2 is therefore being tweaked to match.

Do not be frightened by the photos. M & M 2 will be a historical game covering skirmishes in the French and Indian War as well as the American Revolution. I just like to play test with my Flintloque figures.

So far as rules updates are concerned:

  • "In Sight" is being instituted. 
  • Bows have been toned down by not having them inflict "Knock Down" results.
  • Canon and mine rules are being re-visited.
  • Canoe rules are being re-visited.
  • An addition of a point blank range is being considered.
Apologies for the delay but a better game will be the result.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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