Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Pedion Terrain Tiles have arrived!

Back in 2015 I backed Pedion Terrain's Kickstarter to...kickstart a line of 30cmx30 cm terrain tiles.

Today they arrived!

A bit note here, George Panopoulos, has done a great job with communication during the birth of this line of terrain. I have been fully informed throughout the process and never doubted the Kickstarter fulfilment. In fact, as I had anticipated, waiting this long has allowed Pedion to improve technique and quality as they progressed. In my case the bridge and walls are of the new variety you can see on the blog by clicking the Pedion line in the first paragraph.

Bringing a new product to life always has some pitfalls and I am well aware, as you all, Gentle Readers, should be that a Kickstarter is an investment in a company/creator and not some form of pre-order.

I am very pleased at having been part of the public that has enabled these fantastic tiles to reach the market.

Here is my hastily thrown together set up, 6 x 4 tiles. I have another 9 tiles, not shown, three more river and the rest various types of terrain. This gives some much needed flexibility when setting up a game or even scrolling a game that goes off board at some point.

Here Sharke and some of his lads prepare to ambush a hapless column of werewolf line infantry. The hedges and trees are moveable and magnetized, so that they may "clip" on to the tiles in various places. I am very pleased that they are so well based they will stand up fine anywhere even without a magnate.

Another view showing a tree lined road. You can just make out the werewolves at the top centre.

Another party of Rifleorcs on the ridge overlooking the road.  The hill tiles also have hillocks that are separate pieces. In this photo you can in the middle distance see some of these that I placed on a plain tile rather than on top  the hills foreground right.

Another shot showing the lovely river texture, the hill tiles, and, perhaps not easy to discern, the risers that allow any tile to be elevated as a slope or ridge top. These risers are a great way to make a long ridge as opposed to the rugged looking hills that appear on the hill tiles.

Here's a close up a huge river bend. The piece also came with a separate insert that will turn this bend into a plant choked swamp. Brilliant!

The whole was shipped in a box cleverly constructed to serve as a storage box as well, actually two storage boxes in this case.

Oh and the tiles are magnetized in the corners to "clip" the tiles together as they are lain down. 

Very happy with the results George has achieved here and recommend Pedion to any of you folks interested in modular terrain. They even make city tiles now, and the regular tiles come in desert, Martian, and snow schemes as well.