Sunday, April 3, 2016

Border Raid with The Wargame Part II

First off my apologies for the delay in providing this report of the action. First it was the Easter Holiday and then....receipt of Charles Grant's "Napoleonic Wargaming" left me a bit distracted.

In a good way. You see I have never really enjoyed the fire combat system in "The Wargame". Could not put my finger on it, but something just didn't click with me.

"Napoleonic Wargaming" has a firing system that makes perfect sense to me and so this game was played using those rules bolted onto "The Wargame".

In particular the Napoleonic game has a nice scheme for light infantry fire that, IMO or course, is more representative of that arm's strengths and weaknesses. Even more applicable in The Wargame given that light infantry tactics were in their infancy during the 1700's.

Now on to the game!

The Ottermen cavalry rushed forward trying to catch the dog stragglers before they could make the safety of the redoubt..

On the right a band of swords otters appeared from the valley.

Using a dice driven variable move sequence, present in neither Grant book... was a close run thing indeed.

The dog piquet gaining shelter...

...with not a moment to spare.

The Otterman gnoll riders took a few hits as they thundered past.

Do gnolls "thunder" or do they "pad"? Opinions welcome in the comments section!

At this point the first Imperial and Royal reinforcements arrived from the left. A squadron of dashing hussars.

They promptly tore into the closest band of Ottermen.

Boldly sabreing left and right they set the Otterman band to flight.

Meanwhile the gnoll riders, having veered away from the earthwork, reformed on the right.

Things were not looking well for the Othari host.

A second squadron of hussars appeared on the left of the field and immediately engaged the gnoll riders.

At the same time, and while the otter right was in turmoil, the swordsotters assaulted the earthworks.

The dogs let off a disappointingly desultory volley as the otters closed. The dogs must have been too excited after seeing off the gnollriders.

However they doggedly repulsed the otters in paw to paw combat. 

On the left the hussars rode down their target...

...while on the right, the newly arrive hussars were put to flight!

The gnoll riders gleefully pursing them off the table.

The victorious hussars withdrew to regroup.

As did the swordsotters.

With their cavalry off in wild pursuit, and with more than one third of their infantry hors de combat, the Otterman withdrew back across the border.

The light dogs had done their job of acting the trip wire beautifully.
The hussars had mixed results of course, but the raid was certainly blunted.
It now remains to hunt down those gnoll riding otters who are marauding through Imperial territory.

That's all for now. Do hope you enjoyed the thing.

All figures were painted by Alternative Armies' painting staff.
The earthworks are from Paul's Modelling Workshop.
The terrain tiles are from Old Glory.
The trees and rough ground from The Terrain Guy.
The ruined building and tents are from Games Workshop.
The wagon is from Dwarven Forge.
The dodgy signal fire has been converted from a nice set by Fat Dragon Games
The rocks are from the backyard!

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  1. You seem to be having a ball with these rules. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Sir. I am indeed. I think Grant's Napoleonic Wargaming has a lot to offer "modern" gamers. Some great ideas in there.