Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fort Dale: Fortune Shows Her Hand

Following on from last time.

First the Royal Orcs assaulted the works.

It was a valiant attempt.

They were repulsed by the Troupes de Marine.

Then the 55th had a go.

They were repulsed with some loss.

Meanwhile couriers were sent out with my revised plans, The right column was to go into reserve, while the grenadiers were to move forward and take their place.

The 46th were the third, and last uncommitted unit of the right column, to assault the works.

They gained a foothold, driving back Aquitaine Sekundar.

It was at this point that four more regiments of dogs came into view. It now became clear that  the enemy had expected my forces to charge straight over the hill and up the middle. Their works would have taken me in the flank while their main force pressed my lads inward.

The timing was good even if their plan was based on a false assumption. My entire right column had now been repulsed and was in need of reordering.

My courier to the reserves had been delayed and so they had not moved forward, and my courier to the right column had not had time to arrive either at this point.

Yet even as the 46th were forced to retire, the Abdeckers from center column forced their way into the works.

They dispersed the Troupes de Marine and with one volley sent the Elven Militia packing as well.

It was here that Fortune lent a hand.

A stray ball felled the Colonel of the shaken Aquitaine Sekendar. The battalion panicked and joined in the rout!

The enemy left dissolved entire!

Even as their centre advanced.

By Drong! The Lonely Mountain will once again belong to the Dwarves!

The  next phase of battle will be crucial.

I've only one, fortunately large, battalion available to face the four battalions of dogs approaching.
My Orc Militia is wandering about in the woods to the north and may make an appearance...although I've little regard for their martial prowess in any event.

The Center Column consists of two large-ish battalions. The Abdeckers need to solidify their hold on the works and keep the enemy rout going. Only IR 44, the Kampfe Vier, stand before the advancing Gondoggian brigade.

The three battalions of the Right Column have regrouped. However as they have yet to received my order to form the reserve, I cannot count on them in the coming fight.

I can only hope my courier gets the Reserve moving soon. This is just the time to commit the grenadiers to the fray!

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