Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Assault on the Heights of Fort Dale

Following on from the set up and cunning plan here is the story so far.

My troops assaulted the heights with great vigour and steadiness.

Left Column ascends by the draw while the Foresters provide flank security.
My plan came off without a hitch.

Center Column advances in the foreground.
Right column continues its probe on the left.
Only the hill was empty. 

Not a dog in sight and while savage orcs had been encountered by the Foresters they were drive off without loss.

For those of you with knowledge of the happening about Carillon/Ticondaroga, that should have been an end to it. In possession of the heights an attacker could bring up his guns and force the fort's surrender. With no landward facing guns, and in the face of shot raining down from on high there was really nothing the garrison could do at that point but ask for the honors of war.

Well while Abercromby had guns available should he have managed to secure the heights, in this scenario I do not.

So there is nothing for it but to press on to phase 2 of plan.

The three assault columns are to press on westward and pitch into any enemy troops discovered. Excepting left column, the militia forces who as the reader may recall were tasked with simply demonstrating in front of any enemy uncovered.

The reserve is to remain in reserve although I suspect it will receive orders to move to the west a bit to remain closer to any action that occurs.

And so it was that in moving westward the troops did uncover an enemy position.

Works in a rough fish hook shape with the long end facing north and the curve running south and west.

The works are occupied by Gondoggian regulars on each flank,

With colonial elven troops in the center.

Having been the first to discover the enemy the Foresters exchanged fire with the defenders and then retired. Precipitously. 

I certainly don't blame them. Their job is to scout and raid and combat savage orcs, not rush into the teeth of entrenched regulars.

So now it is a matter of launching Right Column, led by the Koeniglish Orks into the crook of the enemy line.

Should Left Column overrun the works to their front they will be inside the enemy's defenses. As such they can flank those troops facing north granting an easy passage to Center Column.

I don't doubt there are more dogs, elves, and orcs out their and so Right Column will continue their advance and sweep the wood to their front. At the very least this move will provide flank security for Center Column during the final push on the fort.

View Halloo! The game is afoot!

More as it happens and thanks for stopping by!

Link to part 3.

PS: Two more shots,

A view from the armchair. This Armchair General now has a fitting spot to rest.

The panoramic view from the Armchair. Is that the banner of the 60th raised on the Gondoggian works?

Come to think on it, I should hire an urchin to carry out all the moves and dice rolling and command entirely from the chair!!


  1. Like it! The new gaming abode too, I take it?

    1. Thank you! Yes indeed. I'm impending an armchair view of the room to give you an idea.