Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Thormopparokay: The First Assault

The Finklestein Field Force Flexes its Muscle
The 18 Suffer Their First Losses

The Imperial Army
This post follows on from Thormopparokay: Midmorning.

Valley of the 18
 Following the loss of my guns and the withdrawal of my skirmishers a bit of a lull ensued. General Xerxes maneuvered his forces for a blow on my right, the northern, flank. 

Lead Dwarven Line advances.
 The lead element of the Imperial assault consisted of the three infantry battalions of the Finklestein Field Force.  Their Brigadier deployed them two up in line with the third in column as a central reserve.

Duke Dynydisson bolsters his line.
 In response Lars Dynydisson brought forward the Royal Slaegga Regiment of Guards to support the two Trolka units facing the Dwarven threat.

"Follow me mes' Boyos! Do you want to leeve foreever?"
 Meanwhile on the southern flank, the Guinalean Contingent stepped up the pressure.

"Prepare to receive Dwarves!"
 The stage was set for an epic clash between Troll and Dwarf.

Advancing to "The Bier I left Behind Me"
 The Dwarves advanced as if on parade ground. No one with any sense of martial spirit could fail but to admire their good order and discipline.

"Step lively there lads"
 Even as th Imperials kept moving reserves to the front first reports of skirmish fire broke out to the south.

Wolfe Toon is no stranger to danger!
 Then as if the skirmishing had reached a crescendo, furious volleys of musketry and Kanonderbus fire ensued.

  When the smoke cleared, Dwarves were strewn about like nine pins. Both leading Finklestein battalions were incapable of further action. But it was not all one sided.
The Butcher's Bill

The 18 became 17, as one brave Troll breathed his last. A second Troll was wounded in the northern most battalion.
"Ge dem helvete pojkar!"
 Even in the secondary south, the 17 became 16, as another mighty Troll fell. Here again the Trolka had given as good as they got and the Guinalean Irregulars were finished as a fighting force.

The Imperials prepare to keep up the pressure.
In one turn two Dwarven Line, and the Guinalean Irregulars had reached their breaking point.
On the other side, two Trolka battalions are now at two thirds strength and will only have to lose one more figure to rout, while a third Trolka unit has a hit on it. Worse yet the two battalions that suffered losses are at half firepower now.

Lars Dynydisson assures me that every lost Troll must be avenged ten fold.

We shall see.

As a reminder all of the figures are from Alternative Armies. All but the Guinaleans were painted by their fantastic studio painters. The Guinalean line were repainted by the author  to better match my concept of the unit. The Guinalean Irregulars, all of the flags shown,  and the converted Wolfe Toon, are also the author's  work.

The terrain is a mixture of mostly "The Terrain Guy" products with some Warzone GTS, and Lemax bits.

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  1. Another great after-action-report.

    18 - 17 - 16. Watch they don't become the Unlucky 13!


  2. Fab stuff! Those Trolls do pack a punch don't they!

  3. Good posting and follow up. Trolka are terrifying in Flintloque and Slaughterloo in play. Scares me plenty. Best use gunnery at distance if possible. GBS

  4. Wow. Hard fought on both sides but the Trolls are seriously nasty foes.