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Thormopparokay: The Defenders

Following on from 18, Duke Lars Dynydisson of Slaegga gathered his retinue, and prepared to defend the pass of Thormopparokay.

The 18

Having already suffered severe losses in the Witchlands campaign the "army" of Slaegga has been reduced to 18 Trolka organized in four battalions of infantry and two squadrons of cavalry.

Duke Lars Dynydisson and the Royal Banner of Slaegga.

From left to right, (front row), the Royal Slaegga Regiment of Guards, the 1st Light Battalion, the 2nd, Line Battalion, The 2nd Light Battalion, (Second Row), 1st Squadron, The Mooseketeer Regiment, Duke Lars Dynydisson, the Royal Banner of Slaegga, the 2nd Squadron, The Mooseketeer Regiment.

Some notes on Slaeggan organization

Following the injunction lain down in  Sång av den gamla trollet, infantry battalions maintain a ratio of two firearms to three Trolka. Given the raw power, and admittedly somewhat limited intellect of all Troll kind, the Trolka feel that this armament is sufficient as all combat must inevitably come to hammer blows. The Royal Slaegga Regiment of Guards is an exception to this rule, formed of only the brightest and most loyal followers of the Duke.

Further while it may seem odd to outsiderse that the Duke fights on foot rather than astride a moose, the old Trolkan saying "Ett troll måste vara galen för att rida en älg", applies.

The Landing Party from HMS Gladden Fields

The 18 have received timely aid from Sir Sydney Smiff of HMS Gladden Fields in the form of a small landing party of two guns, and a detachment of Royul Marines and Sailors.

Sir Sydney Smiff.

Sir Sydney has been an ardent foe of Mordred's regime ever since he, Smiff, was jailed during Mordred's revolution. Having made his escape, Sir Sydney has managed to get wind of every Ferach weakness, and been able to place himself at the center of every campaign that borders the sea. From Toolong where Sir Sydney was responsible for the burning of five Ferach ships of the line, to Aegypt, where he claims the credit for Mordred's defeat before the walls of Aker, and at Murda, where troops under his command defeated a larger Ferach force on the Nepoloese coast.

Just how Sir Sydney always manages to be at the right place at the right time is something a mystery and perhaps a tale for another time.

As it happens Sir Sydney is already acquainted with Duke Lars, having met the Duke while secunded to the Trolkan Navy before the current unpleasantness with Mordred began. In fact Sir Sydney is something of a hero among the Trolka, having received the Royul Order of the Stone with Moss Clusters for his service against the Star Wraith at the naval battle of Svensko.

In aid of Duke Lars' defence of Thormopparokay, Sir Sydney has landed two shippe's gunnes with crew and a dozen marines and sailors to protect them.

Will it be enough?

All figures pictured are from Alternative Armies and have been painted by their talented in-house staff.

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