Monday, September 9, 2013

Muvver ! Never Thought You'd See It Did You?

This is a conversion I had planned to do at the start of the Summer. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance until today.

In Flintloque's world of Valon, everyone's favorite psychopathic Sergeant with the mother fixation, Obidiah Hogswill, has risen to the self-proclamied rank of General of a band of deserters of all Nations. 

However, I always wanted to field him as he was when Sharke knew him, simply as Sgt. Hogswill. 

And as everyone who is ANYONE knows, Sgt, Obidiah Hogswill, can be frequently seen talking to a picture of his beloved "Muvver", tucked into the top of his shako. Well, its not really a picture of his mother but he thinks it is and that Dear Rearder, is the important thing, or as he would say "fing".

Gavin at Alternative Armies was kind enough to gift me the required pieces, unpainted versions of the two painted figures in the photos.

One is a simple Rifleorc, reloading his piece, The other is unmistakably General Hogswill.

I took the head off the Rifleorc and hollowed out the shako. Clipped his rifle and re-positioned his  left hand. Fortunately I had a Flintloque Sgt.'s halberd, again gifted but some years ago now to give Obidiah his badge of rank.

Hopefully I will be able to give him an appropriately wild eyed look when it comes painting time. The features are all there, wild eyes and all so it shouldn't be too difficult.

The two painted figures BTW were painted by the Alternative Army staff painters. Once again I highly recommend their services!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. A fine looking piece - I shall look forward to seeing it in colour.

  2. I don't know the story but the conversion looks pretty good.

  3. Nicely done! for that despicable fellow!

  4. My word - he is a bloody good match, isn't he! Well done!


  5. Fantastic conversion, I think you have captured the evil sergeant to a tea. Very well done and like Conrad, I look forward to seeing the mini painted.


  6. Thank you Gentlemen.

    I have just now completed conversion of an Elf assassin into a Valonion version of Gerard the Lion Hunter. Gerard was a Frenchmen who made a name for himself shooting very large lions in the Atlas mountains armed only with a double barreled percussion muzzle loader and the occasional back up weapon. I'm sure Marshal Ney would have approved had he not already been executed!

    Bit of a record, two pieces in two days. I am on a roll : )

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing the painted version too. Hopefully I'll get through my painting backlog and start getting onto the conversions I planned too.

  8. Thanks!

    He is primed now...mwahhahhahhha

    I just have to get over my fear of painting him.