Sunday, September 22, 2013

General Buster (brvt.)

Meet General Headstrong Buster (brvt.) commander of the Finklestein Union 7th Dragoons.

The 7th is most famous for its misfortune at the Battle of the Little Big Bone at the start of Mordred's Witchlands campaign.

Was well in advance of the Finklestien contingent when he happened on the village of the Don Knotts Cossacks.

With the devil-may-care approach that cemented his reputation as a beau sabreur in the struggle against Krautia, this consummate cavalry dog fell on the enemy without hesitation.

By the time his hounds had discovered the true nature of the vile undead, it was too late.

While it is true the 7th were the first to learn the secret of the Witchlands, it is also true that none of them survived to tell the tale.

Notes: General Buster was meant to be Wags the Dog in the cult of Wig-El. As such he sat base coated white on the shelf of my painting area for months.

While working on the various halflings and Obidiah Hogswill, I just grabbed the General and started painting, or more properly inking.

Every once in a while I decide to paint a white base coated figure near entirely with inks. The effect can be quite nice but once one strays outside the lines, proper paint is required as inks will not as rule over ink one another.

In this case the General's gloves and metal bits are painted. The yellow bits are also largely painted simply because yellow ink does not cover other all really.

The rest is mostly ink.

The figure is an Ostarian Artillery officer available from Alternative Armies.

Thanks to this bit of madness I now need to organize a unit of mounted and foot dogs to act as the 7th. Have several ideas but this was not in my plans before today.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is the neatest figure ever! I'm going to have to buy one for myself. Great job of painting him up!

  2. Thanks Anne!

    He is one of my favorite figures. Love all the dog men but this one barks to me : )

  3. A great looking figure - I think the inks over white have worked well for you.


  4. Thanks Tony! The process gives a nice worn look to fabric.

    Don't know why I never have done so but this would be a good way to paint denim. Say paint the garment light grey with some whiter patches at the knees and elbows for example, then ink it blue.