Thursday, July 4, 2013

The 98: Giglamp's Raid!

Removing his pince-nez, Charles Cornwallow,  the Lord Lieutenant of Guinalea, looked up to see Cornet Giglamps standing before him.  A demmend Cornet! Attrition had taken a great toll on the 17th during this campgain indeed but a Cornet? He would have to do.

"It pains me to say it, young Giggers, but we are near losing this campaign."

Giggers barely stifled a gasp!

""Near", Dear Sprog, "near", but we have not lost yet and I do not intend to do so.
The Royul Navye have intercepted every attempt by Johnny Elf to resupply his invasion force. Every demmed one by Sentinal!

'That means the blighters must be running low on essentials. We can outlast them. We will outlast them.

'And that is where you come in.

'We need to send a force to destroy the Ferach supply depots. By rights we should send an entire regiment of cavalry on this mission. Sadly I cannot spare a regiment, nor even a squadron but I can spare a troop. Your troop. Take a section of  horse guns with you and head north west. Sluggo. Illskinning. Naughty Rhyme. Leave nothing of value to the Elves. Nothing."

Giglamps saluted smartly; "Thank you Sir! When do I leave?"

"As soon as you get your troop sorted. That will be all now Lieutenant. Get to it!" said the Lord Lieutenant with a wave of his hand.

"Thank you again Sir. I won't fail you." said Giglamps beaming with pride and turning for the door.

After Giglamps had left, Lord Cornwallow thought out loud; "For all of our sake's, he had better not'..."

No doubt there are those among you who, following this riveting series of posts on the 98 campaign, have nevertheless been asking yourselves "and what of Giggers in all this"?

Well it has become quite clear that Albion has lost this campaign. With only two battalions of line, two of militia, and one of light infantry, along with three reduced cavalry regiments and less than a battery of guns left, there is no way this force could resist the combined might of the Fearch and BGORA.

Yet it wouldn't do to have Guinalea fall to the Ferach would it?  No. A bespectacled deus ex machina is in order surely.

The completion of Muskets and Shakos has taken some time away from this story and has now left me free to enjoy somewhat smaller scale actions than have graced this blog of late.

Actually the raid may well fail as I do not like predetermined endings in games. If Gigger's raid comes up short I may be forced to either withdraw the garrison of Guinalea ala Corunna  and then send a counter expedition such as that sent to Portugal.,,


  1. So will Giggers provide a much needed fillip to Orcish fortunes. I'll wait with interest.

  2. Wow. Lieutenant. I have been waiting with baited breath for young Giglamps to save the day, made all the more exciting by victory after breathtaking victory of the inexorable and dastardly elves.

    Whilst I don't doubt the extraordinary rise and rise of Giglamps will challenge the invaders, another, different thing popped into my head:

    I just can't help thinking that with things going as they are, what with Guinalea all but conquered, that perhaps your League of Extraordinary Mentalmen might have a role to play here?

    Dare I say 'Scarlett Pimpernel?' ;)

  3. That. Sir. is a Capital idea!

    Thank you.

    I have been waiting for certain construction work in the backyard to be completed before holding the first League scenario in the great outdoors (well on a covered deck, don't want the little fellahs getting dirty or lost!!!).

    Guinalea is just the place for their next exploit.

    Thank you again!