Friday, June 21, 2013

Bagginsa Desert Raiders

 Reinforcements have arrived and now the desert will run red with the blood of the Big Folk!

 Elton Waters did a fine job converting Alternative Armies Halfling Mamaluke Chasseurs into mean lean desert raiders.

These little fellahs will serve as everything from Bebers, to Baggara, to Mamaluke irregulars and anything else I  need irregular dog archers for.

The Halflings ride Saluki hounds and tote short bows...very short bows.


There are two units of ten and each unit also has a unique leader, musician, and standard. The finial of one is the all important piece of cake, while the other features crossed pipes, thus representing two of the three pillars of  Shirelam, the third, of course. being strict adherence to Shire-eah law.

As a bouns, Mr. Waters included a 21st figure, a Halfling in Afri tribal garb. This chap, by Mr Water's reckoning is a shipwrecked sailor from the Windwards who has set himself up as a god among one of Afris many tribal factions.

As it happens I have need for just such a chap!  All will be revealed eventually.

For now here are a few more photos of the Halfling Irregulars.


  1. Hi Bob, These look great - Elton has done a very good job in giving these some character.


  2. Nice looking units. I like the crossed pipes and piece of cake banner tops.

  3. Lots of work gone into those, quite inspiring for the conversions I've got planned. For the moment I'm just picking up odds and ends of halflings but one day I'll hope to get an army together with them.

  4. thanks tony each model has a little bit of differant character to them - to tell you the truth it was difficult for me to part with them - the clothing styles are a mix of urban arab (aladdinish), desert raider and afghan,
    pieces im particularity pleased with are the conch blower, both the leaders (and the bonus model) but my favourite is the model fireing forward (in front of the shaman) in the 6th picture he has a soft afghan cap and curly hobbit hair trailing behind him in the wind
    i cant wiat to see these pianted :)

    1. Hello Chaps!

      The asthma has had its grip on me since receiving the figures. Sad to say they are not even primed yet. Think I'm about over it now though. Still tire very easily.

      Be assured that these fellahs are at the top of my painting queue along with a Sgt Hogswill conversion.