Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The 98:Death on the road to Bubblin

BGORA cavalry forces finally came to life and ran down the retreating survivors from Fort Chuck. This was all rather unfortunate for the ailing Col. Henri Simmering as one more good march would have brought him to safety across the Iffey. 

 The fourteen figures or the 62nd formed square. The corner pointing towards the approaching Guinaleans was reinforced with the two remaining guns of  D Brigade RFA.

The three squadrons of the 26th Light Dragoons were drawn up, two forward, one back, to the south of the square. The intent was to draw the Guinaleans on to the square and then launch the 26th in a counter stroke.

For my part the Guinaleans were deployed with wolf mounted skirmishers on either flank. In the center D'Orcreilly's Lizards, three squadrons of light dragoons, formed up in column of squadrons.

The skirmishers would advance first, taking the brunt of the square's fire, and reigning arrows on down on the 62nd.  When the square was sufficiently disordered, D'Oreceilly would charge home.

The orc guns soon fired off the last of their ammunition, the gunners seeking refuge in the square. 

With Col. Simmering still convalescing in his wagon, command of the 62nd fell once again to poor Major Foppers. It may be remembered that Foppers too had been wounded at Fort Chuck. However his wounds were less severe and he was back in action...until a Guinalean arrow brought him down again.

 At this the square faltered and D'Orceilly saw his chance.

The charge was ordered.

The brave 62nd stood their ground and the cavalry reigned up short of their goal.

The 62nd vollied! Sadly for them their reduced numbers and confusion sorely affected their firing and not much damage was done.

And still the wolf riders circled, reigning death.

With D'Orceilly committed, the forward squadrons of the 26th Light Dragoons charged!

The wolf riders fell back before them. D'Oreilly counter charged, still, unfortunately for me, in column of squadrons.

D'Oreilly's bog orcs were defeated and retired back up the road to Ork.

Had the 26th been able to reign in and regroup the day could have been theirs. 

A certain overzealous conduct of pursuit has always been the hallmark, and bane, of Albion's cavalry and so it was here.

Disordered in their pursuit, the 26th was set upon by wolf riders loosing arrows in the dragoons' flanks.

At this point the 26th's reserve squadron, drew carbines and exchanged fire with the wolf riders.

While the drama of the 26th's charge played out, the last of the 62nd fell, heaped around their standards pierced like so many pin cushions.

The main body of the 26th soon regained control, and covered by the fire of the reserve squadron, made off south towards the bridge over the Iffey.

Losses had been heavy on both sides.

The Guinaleans, in possession of the field, fared rather better in post battle recovery.

Final Guinalean losses were 3 lizard riders, and 4 wolf riders.

The 26th Light Dragoons lost 3 figures.

D Brigade RFA was wiped out. Not that hard when they only had 2 guns to start with.

The 62nd lost all 14 of 14 figures engaged.

As a rule the Guinaleans do not take prisoners.

What then are we to make of this:

Colonel Henri Simmering went on to command the reconstituted 62nd in Inja and Cataluca, still aided by his protege Major Foppers.

Stranger still was the reappearance about the same time as Simmering's of the regiment's senior Sergeant, Obidiah Hogswill....


Finally a successful pursuit! That's one less battalion and battery to be faced at Dungslough.

Apologies for any deficiencies in the photos.  My goal was to get on with the game and the lighting was not the best.

For those interested, the wolf riders are ancient Games Workshop figures recently painted by the author. The wagon is from Old Glory painted by the author in the dim dark past. All of the other troops are from Alternative Armies and pained by their talented staff.

The terrain tiles are also from Old Glory and the sky back drop by Lemax.

By the way, extra credit to any who noticed the road was running the wrong way. The fork in the road should have been north rather than south. Mea culpa.

Hope you enjoyed the tale and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Good stuff. I think I also have those wolf riders. One of these days I'll make good on my threat to photograph those old figures.

  2. Thanks Sean!

    Love old GW figures. Wisely bought a bunchy when they had a sale on complete armies when the WHFB 3rd army book was released. I am still painting them : )

  3. I agree, great stuff. I always enjoy your after battle reports and seeing how you use different manufacturers to populate your gaming table.