Monday, May 13, 2013

The 98 Day Eight: Assault on Fort Chuck

We left off before the Easter Truce with BGORA poised to launch an assault on Fort Chuck. The fort was garrisoned by the 62nd Foot and a battery of guns under Colonel Sir Henri Simmering.  The 26th Dragoons are also pert of Sir Henri's force but were released to serve as distant cover rather than being cooped up in the fort.

Opposing Sir Henri is the full might of the Benevolent Guinalean Organized Republican Arm:y under General Moult. The BGORA consists of one battalion of line infantry with melee weapons only, two battalions of light infantry, two regiments of light wolfriders, one regiment of medium lizard riders, and a battery of guns.

Clearly Sir Henri had his work cut out for him.

General Moult started the day with a prolonged bombardment of the fort. The very first shell seriously wounded Sir Henri and the command fell to his subordinate, Major Foppers. This would prove a significant event.

The bombardment ended with two Albion and two Rebel guns out of commission, as well as the loss of Sir Henri.

General Moult then committed his light troops to skirmish with the fort's defenders.

A lucky shot felled Fangorc, commander of the Orchill Defenders. The resultant confusion kept this unit of light infantry out of the fight for two turns.

Eventually the battle soon settled into a routine with the light troops seeking weak spots...

...and the defenders shifting troops to meet them.

With 6 shots coming in for every 2 going out, the 62nd's losses soon mounted.

Major Foppers was severely wounded in his turn to be succeeded by Captain Wiggem.

And still the skirmishing continued.

 As night started to fall, the firing slackened off...
...until it ceased entirely.
A quick head count after dark showed the 62nd had lost their two most senior officers as well as fully half their number killed or severely wounded. The supporting battery was reduced to a section of two guns.
BGORA losses had been surprisingly light, and well distributed among the assault force.

As it happens Sir Henri had only been tasked with holding up BGORA's advance for a day and this he had done.
Covered by the 26th Light Dragoons the 62nd retired on Bubblin.

The rest of the Ferach forces had not been idle while the assault was underway. General Hochemont's force reached Barney although what transpired there will be the subject of a separate post.

Coupled with Simmering's retreat this now means that all Guinalea north of the line Naughty Rhyme - Barney - Ork is now in Freach/Rebel hands.

More as it happens and thanks for stopping by!

PS: I should probably add that the 62nd and Royal Artillery are Alternative Armies figures painted by Alternative Armies; studio painters, BGORA forces are mostly GW with some Alternative Armies figures all painted by the author. The fort is from Warlord Games and the table top tiles are from Old Glory.


  1. Nice batrep and great pics. I like these figures, such fun. Lizard Riders....I want some.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Let's try that again. : )

      Here is a pack of goblisn that would be fun to paint: the Queen of Al-Garvey, a prince on lizard, and a bishop. Adding a link here is iffy so best cut and paste the following:,_Prince___Bishop_of_Al-Garvey.htm

    3. "Goblisn"...really not my morning is it?

  2. Well done the 62nd. Lovely report. Very enjoyable.

  3. Yes! The 62nd did well without Simmering in command or Sharke yet in the ranks.

    A defeat for me, as the BGORA player but a fun game and that is the point after all.

    If I had just had a few more turns of daylight!...probably would have lost anyway : )

  4. Whoa! Fort Chuck is too cool! Homemade or where can I get one?

    1. Purchased from Warlord Games. Might not be able to make it out in the photos but I used a separate ravelin to cover the fort's entrance.