Friday, April 5, 2013

A Gentledog's Gentledog For The League

...Or "Variations On A Theme"

Three versions of  the Footorc, Le Beau Sabre Gauche and his alter ego
Good things come in threes, or so they say.

With that in mind while working on Geoffrey, I also worked on yet another version of the Footorc. 

It had always been my intention to create a dog servant for that esteemed diplomat and leader of the League of Extraordinary Mentalmen, the Duke of Yippstatte, aka Le Beau Sabre Gauche.

Edward Woofnagle

Meet Edward Woofnagle.

Edward is modelled on my favorite neighborhood dog, a standard poodle named Eddie. He's a fine companion and utterly fearless. Just the sort of dog Le Beau Sabre Gauche needs to back him up in a tight spot.

The View from Behind
The orc in green is the original item from Alternative Armies. He arrived painted but I have since gone back to add some details with ink. 

So there you have it, one body, three heads (one stock, two sculpted from green stuff by yours truly) and  the result...well best left  to you to judge.

The Risotter
...And finally, a shot of the mounted version of the Risotter.

That's it for now, do hope you enjoy the photos.

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