Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Geoffrey. Fetch Me My Blunderbuss!

Used the Easter weekend to paint a few figures:

In the immortal words of Professor Elemental:

"If there's rumpus, you're able to run I trust?
Geoffery - fetch me my blunderbuss! " 

Geoffrey! Been wanting to work on this project for a long time. He started out as a footman, well, foot-orc from Alternative Armies' Londinium Coach.  Took off his head and replaced it with one sculpted from green stuff.  

Haven't decided how he should be based just yet.

As we all know a Gentleman's Gentleape is an indispensable companion for any adventure. 

In the center above are two officers of the Royal Regiment of Orang. They started life as Orc foot officers from Alternative Armies. I used some green stuff to augment their faces and did hand swaps so they could hold the wire banner poles.

The Other Ranks either side are bog orcs studio painted by the good folks at Alternative Armies to my faux orangutan specifications.

The rabbit is a standard Burrovian, uhh, standard bearer. Painted him to carry Sir Kev Blynge's banner as he trudges through the Heart of Darkness gathering carrots.

Some of you will remember Sir Kev as the renegade colonel of the Chavchesters. In the photo he can be seen in dismounted form as provided by the staff of Alternative Armies. I painted the traditional Burberry tartan on Kev's trews and headband.

Finally here is the Riosotter. He will be running afoul of Giglamps in the future in "The Wind and the Otter".

Mrs. Petiteorcus Alive, or Risotter Dead!


  1. Nice.

    Easter was obviously fun.


  2. Cool looking conversions. I will enjoy reading more about them in action.

  3. Stellar work here and oh so fun. Thanks for the link to Professor Elemental!

  4. Applause!

    Very nice work indeed Bob.


  5. Thank you for the nice comments all!