Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Battle of Breedlow's Hill: Phase One

To paraphrase Winston Churchill:

"What General Andhow  called the Battle of Mrs. Beasley's Hill is over. I expect that the Battle of Breedlow's Hill is about to begin!"

This game was going to feature up to three Britorcn assaults on the Rebel earthworks on Mrs. Beasly's Hill. Of course the ultimate Britorcn objective is the more militarily important heights of Breedlow's Hill.

Decided to use Muskets and Shakos for this one as a; its on my mind, and b; needs more work anyway : ) To that end the Rebels were formed of two battalions. Their right held by Colonel Preratt's  New Albion militia with the dread "Oi! Watch it!" banner and their left held by Colonel Storc's Misty Mountain Boys. Each Rebel battalion was rated Rep 3. In order to stiffen their resolve in an attempt to mimic Bunker Hill, each battalion was given 24 orcs. As they hadn't much to do other than hold their line, I let the game system command the Rebels.

His Majesty's forces deployed two brigades initially. On my right General Andhow led the combined flank companies, one battalion of 11 grenadiers and one battalion of 11 light infantry. Both of these battalions were rated Rep 5. My left flank brigade, under General Piggy, consisted of two line infantry regiments each of 11 Rep 4 orcs.

My attack began as planned. Advancing in line did mean there was greater chance of  my forces needing to take their dressing as the photo above shows. The better trained flank battalions being able to advance faster than their not quite as well trained parent battalions.

Colonel's Preratt and Storc kept their orcs well in hand, admonishing them to not fire until they had seen the reds of their enemy's eyes.

The light battalion deployed a skirmish line, while the line battalions began firing at the Rebels.

Then the unthinkable happened! Storc's orcs fired dropping the entire front rank of the grenadiers! 

Still worse, Preratt's orcs saw off assaults by both Britorcn line battalions, routing one of them in the process. I must say that at this point I seriously considered calling off the assault and waiting for the second wave of troops to arrive.

Momentary doubts banished, I ordered the depleted grenadiers to charge. These rebels would be  no match for a bayonet with some orc behind it!

Indeed, The Misty Mountain Boys fell back with the lights firing at their retreating forms.

 Retreat became rout as Storc's command evaporated.

Having gained the Rebel entrenchments on the right, Britorcn victory seemed assured.

Still there was the small matter of convincing Preratt of this.

The New Albion militia had been so shaken by the previous line infantry assaults that Colonel Preratt could not bring them to any semblance of order try though he might.

It became a race against time as I was having organizational problems of my own. The grenadiers, weakened as they were, were proving difficult to reform, while trying to recall the light infantry skirmishers presented additional problems.

Preatt's orcs managed to beat off one more line infantry assault before, his flank now well and truly turned, he signaled every orc for himself.

Phase two of the battle will feature the remnants of the assault force braving the mysteries of Breedlow's Hill and the gibbertree that surmounts it.

Help will be on the way in the form of the second wave troops, but at the same time the enemy will counter attack with rallied survivors and perhaps some additional troops that failed to make the first phase of the battle.

Hope you enjoyed the story.


  1. Good story and it seems like Muskets and Shakos is coming right along.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Phase two is almost set to go.