Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Battle of Breedlow's Hill: The Hills Have Tentacles

Phase one of the battle had ended with Great Britorcn in possession of the Rebel earthworks on Mrs. Beasly's Hill.

Phase two of the battle started with the survivors of the first game having regrouped and rallied stragglers. In addition one more unit of Rep 3 Rebels under Captain Gnollton joined the fray. 

 His Majesty's forces quickly reorganized their line to adapt to the conditions of the battlefield.

While by military tradition it fell to the grenadiers to take the right most place in the line of battle, here General Andhow put his light infantry in this post.

For it was on the right flank that the rugged Breedlow's Hill, the object of the operation, lay. The light troops took to the slopes like mountain goats, only to find a most unwelcome surprise at the summit.

The Gibbertree with which the Rebels seem so obsessed, produced a Fiend, or perhaps the Gibbertree is merely a gateway to a hitherto unknowns world. 

 Such fine distinctions I shall leave to the Natural Philosophers. Suffice to say that an Unholy Fiend was released upon the field.

A Creature of rare Repugnance, the Fiend set the lights to flight.

Rending a few of the less Fleet to Bits as it lithely hopped down the Hill.

So Unnerving was the Beat's appearance that even the grenadiers Faltered and Retired, although it must be said they Recovered quickly and soon took their place in line again.

The Fiend seemed Irresolute in its Pursuit of Victyms, first charging one army than t'Other.  Our Demmed Country Cousins seemed completely Oblivious to the Whirling Terror that Cavorted between the lines.

For their part His Majesty's troops showed Great Presence of Mind, keeping to the Ranks and unleashing Volley after Volley into the Quivering Fiend.

Even with that Vyle Fiend of the Gibbertree loose on the Field, the battle continued apace. The Rebels, perhaps drawing Encouragement from the Gibbering Fiend, were Resolute!

At length the Fiend ran Amok amongst Gnollton's Rebels, tearing Heads and Limbs from Torsos to feed its gaping Maws. Even at this the Rebels did not Falter,

A few Thunderous Vollies more and the Fiend collapsed in a Gush of Vapors.

The Vanquishing of their Gibbertree Fiend Sapped the
Spirit  of the Rebels and with its demise, so too did Rebel Resolve Fail.

It was no Great Exertion to Drive the Rebels from the Field from this point on.

After the Battle, His Majesty's Fleet was called up on to Bombard the Edifiace of Breedlow's Hill, destroying the Gibbertree Utterly and so it is Hoped ending this Rebellion.

Well that's what Andhow thinks anyway. I know better.

The Fiend was Rep 8 although it's Rep was reduced with each hit it sustained. It activated at the end of each turn, using a d6 to determine which of the three closest units it would charge. It was only luck that had it attack the Rebels as they were only ever one of the the three closest.

I certainly do not fault the Lights for running and am quite surprised the Grenadiers and Regulars took on the Fiend with so little disruption to their plans.

Never underestimate the value of a bayonet with some Orc behind it!


  1. Very interesting...future rules acquisition, methinks...

  2. Thank you.

    Must warn you that Muskets and Shakos will be a historical game covering only Napoleonics.

    The fantasy elements are spur of the moment and taken largely from Warrior Heroes Armies and Adventures to suit my campagins.

  3. Nice blending of rules. What is the monster figure? I've seen it somewhere before.

  4. Glad you enjoyed it!
    Fantasy Flight Games makes them ton support their Arkham Horror game:

    Mind you its been hight lighted and shaded as well.

  5. That was great. Well done. By the way, where are your card smoke markers from. They look quite effective!

  6. Hello, sorry for the delay was trying to remember!

    The smoke comes from World Works Games Battle Pack or something like that. It's a very nice product with burst circles, wound counters, smoke and burst effects etc. Very useful set all in all.