Monday, March 18, 2013

The 98: Day Four, The Field of Naughty Rhyme

Here are some photos and a re-post of the map from Days One to Four to give some perspective.

Map of maneuvers to date
The inset roughly corresponds to the table top below

The Legion du Rospo Hippos (-) enter the field

The enemy are well placed as a blocking force along the west coast road.

12th Light Dragoons covered by guns

The 12th Light Dragoons some of whom have been covering the Ferach advance all the way from Bantam have now turned to engage their pursuers.

The town appears to be held in about brigade strength,

With a well placed battery covering their right flank.

Units identified so far include the 12th Light Dragoons, the 21st "Eyes n' Gourds" Foot, the Artists and Poets Yeomanry, and the 3rd Brigade RFA.

It is believed the force is commanded by Sir Morcambe N. Wise, but Hochemont's scouts have yet to confirm this.

General Hochemont is confident of victory, yet it is like to be an unlovely thing, a frontal assault against a prepared position with little room for finesse.

More as it happens!

Here is the battle plan.

Will elaborate in a subsequent post on the battle itself.