Sunday, March 17, 2013

The 98: Days One Through Four

The Army of Liberation made landfall at Bantam as planned. Unfortunately the promised supplies and transport were not present in sufficient numbers to allow an immediate start of operations. The weather was mild and dry if not sunny.

Despite the presence of the Banshee Boyz, tasked with local security, the landing was observed by enemy light cavalry.  This force retired down the road towards Naughty Rhyme, remaining only close enough to observe our movements.

General Hochemont's plan is to advance on Naughty Rhyme. Once in possession of that place, he will detach 2nd Brigade to travel east and reinforce the BGORA. The General himself with an escort of consisting of the Burrovian horse and 2/Guinalea will travel with General de Brigade Marjorlaine as far as Barney. Once there Hochemont will demonstrate his devotion to the Guinalean cause with a visit to Castle Barney, where he will kiss the Barney Stone and then release a proclamation declaring Guinalea an independent republic under the protection of the Emperor Mordred.

Simultaneously, General Molt will have marched on Ork. Depending on Moult's appreciation of the situation, he will either assault or screen the city while awaiting the arrival of 2nd brigade.

Once Naughty Rhyme, Barney, and Ork have been liberated, the two forces will move down the coastal roads overcoming resistance with the aim of joining up at Dungslough and completing the liberation of the island.

While awaiting a resolution of his supply difficulties, General Hochemont sent out a scouting force consisting of the Legion du Rospo lights and the second squadron of the Legion du Rospo Hipppos to reconnoiter the high ground south of the Bantam-Killcurry road. This force, under the command of Major Monociello of the Lights, was then to proceed south to the Naughty Rhyme-Barney road and then head west to Naughty Rhyme. Major Monociello has proven to be an excellent leader and is making good time on his trek through the wilderness, although all General Hochemont knows at this point is that no enemy contact has been reported.

General Moult, sadly has proved to be a less effective commander. BGORA has been moving at a snail's pace down the east coast, all the while under observation of Joccian light cavalry. Again, all Hochemont knows at this point is, well, nothing at all.

Troop disposition as of noon on day 4 of the liberation.

The day following the departure of Monociello's force (affectionately known as "Toad Force"), 1st Division set out on the road to Naughty Rhyme, continually observed by enemy horse who fell back before them but doggedly maintained contact.

It is nowt noon on the third day of marching, and General Hochemont has found his road blocked by Briticorn troops, apparently in brigade strength. The enemy is in position between the outskirts of Naughty Rhyme and the nearby hills through which the road passes.

Action will now move to the table top as the bulk of the Legion du Rospo Hippos followed by !st Brigade engage the enemy.

Lost the light so no pictures at this time. However I will publish this tonight, just in case anyone is really anxious to learn what has happened. I will update this post tomorrow with some photographs.

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