Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bog Orcs and Old Skool Gobbos WIP

Just finished painting some Bog Orc Rebels*, here seen being led  on to feats of Glory by Wolfe Toon  and...

Some very old Gobbo Wolfriders purchased when the Warhammer 3rd edition Army Book was released and GW had some wonderful complete army deals...yes that must be what...25 years?

Anyway here they are just waiting to be based and sealed.

Painted them in a variety of bright colours, they will see use mainly as Pindari.

That won't stop them being used wherever mounted raiders are required.

Thanks for stopping by!

* The Bog Orc Rebels are Alternative Armies figures and are currently available.


  1. That is a great green color for the Goblin skin.
    My favorite part of this post is the view of your very organized work station.

  2. Thank you Dave!

    That may well be a Games Workshop product but if not the work station is from here: although I don't see it in their catalog.

    The skin tone is Lime Green. Always preferred brighter gobbos meself : )