Friday, July 27, 2012

The Yellow Banana

They Seek Him Here,
They Seek Him There,
And When They Do, Oh Hannah!
They'll Hear a "Hoot!",
And He'll Steal Their Fruit,
For He Is
 The Yellow Banana!

Down at The Notables Club, last week, after I had regaled one and all with tales of the Prince of Orangs, dear old Uncle Rogipoos, lit a cheroot, sipped his hot cocoa, and set out a most singular set of occurrences that have attended travelers in the Shirewood near Willorcs Hall. It seems this dashing Highwayape waylays coaches, not in search of gold and gems. Rather he relieves travelers of their fruit and veg!  

Well I dare say such a figure deserves...a figure...if you can figure it out yourselves.
Questing about the drawers and cubbyholes of the game room I came on a fine Orc Engineer, who did for a start.

As you may see from the photo above, I replaced his right hand with the hand of a dismounted Orc Heavy Dragoon, toting a pistol. For his left hand I simply snipped off the shovel, drilled the hand through, and inserted a spare Alternative Armies  sword I had about.  His face, hair, and mask were built up from greenstuff. This is indeed only the fourth time I have used it. 

The first was to convert a Samwise Gamgee figure that was holding a sword to one that is holding a fry pan. The second and third times were the Princes of Orang, and here you see the fourth.

The  Yellow Banana has been recruited by Le Beau Sabre Gauche to join his band of Valonian Gentlemen Adventurers, The League of Extraordinary Mentalmen.

I've quite a few adventures planned for the League, although it seems to be one of those things that is always getting pushed to the end of the queue.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and tale, and thanks for stopping by!