Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another Gentlemen Adventurer for the League

Brotherhood of the Toad.

Luigi Faccia di Rospo, Duke of Umbridgia is Prince Mattersnicht's latest recruit to the League of Extraordinary Mentalmen.  Formerly a staunch supporter of Modred's Amorican Empire, di Rospo has been disillusioned by what he sees as a betrayal of faith when Modred's legions crossed the border into the Todaroni domains.

Forced to flee the Ducal palazzo on the approach of the Elves, di Rospo has renounced all claim to his title and now travels Valon, the epitome of the cultured dilettante. It's a reputation he cultivates, and few realize di Rospo is the sole surviving member of the Brotherhood of the Toad and a Master of the Amorican martial arts, savate, and la canne!

Di Rospo , fighting excesses , or  drinking to excess?

Yet little escapes the notice of Prince Mattersnicht , and before long the Prince set his most trusted agent, the Duke of Yippstatte, ambassador-at-large to Urop, on di Rospo's scent. The two finally met at and Inn on the outskirts of the Beervarian capital, and soon formed a fast friendship.

Di Rospo and Yippsttte

Some say that di Rospo now serves as Yippstatte's adviser. Others say the two are simply drinking their way across all of Valon. All we know is, they are The League of Extraordinary Mentalmen!

Brotherhood of the Toad and Le Beau Sabre Gauche.
Yippstatte and di Rospo are the gentile face of the league, less aristocratic members such as The Yellow Banana, Plunkorc and MacMean pose as their servants and staff. With the duo's charm, and Yippstatte's credentials, the League has access to virtually all of Urop and throughout their travels, these masters of disguise have been able to work undetected.

Wherever the Ostarian Empire needs to act covertly, rest assured the League will appear, complete its task, and disappear just as quickly as it arrived.

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  1. Once again. Great to see your miniatures.


  2. Nice work I know what that unpainted Toad officer was for!


  3. Thank you both.

    At some point I need to create stats for these fellows across game systems. In addition to the obvious I will need some sort of psychic thingamabobs to put the "Mental" in "Mentalmen".