Saturday, June 16, 2012

nGwakia Wells: Deployment

As a follow on  from last post I cobbled together some rules for enemy deployment. As these deployment rules are really  intended for use with HOF Fire Team, they use a grid of nine tiles for determining when and where non player forces appear. As such some rocks have been ever so cleverly placed ( : ) ) to give a sense of the four by six foot table being in fact a grid.

I will be playing this game as Sir Kev of the Chavchesters, and the Isea N Eehigh of Queen Roo Di Shia will be controlled by the game system. A surprisingly lucky roll on the deployment table saw the forces of Albion drawn up while the Isea N Eehigh were still forming.

Fully half of the Queen's forces have yet to come on table.

The Queen is on the table with only her center and left. The right and the reserve have yet to show.

So what next?

The Naal Carabiners scout ahead with half a troop, while the other half remains by as a ready reserve.

Sir Kev takes position near his beloved Chavchesters, two companies strong on the right.

A company of Madness Presidency Goblin Native Infantry, with a Rat officer hold the left flank.

Also on loan from the Madness Presidency, a company Otter Native Infantry are held in reserve. Due to my clumsy placement it seems this company is in disarray. Hopefully the Ogre officer and NCO will get the lads sorted before the ball kicks off.

Meanwhile the Mad Mullah Faqir scans the field while plotting his deviltry. The Faqir has some magic at his command so Sir Kev must be on his Burberry Tartaned toes!

The Mad Mullah Faqir has been both a boon and a curse for Queen Roo Di Shia. He has converted nearly half the tribe to Bilboism with his magic and readings from the LOTR, and his magic has helped the tribe on more than one occasion. Balanced against that there is the animosity between the newly minted Bilboists and the remaining animists. There has been bloodshed between the two factions on more than one occasion. In fact the "rapping" of her daughters came at an opportune moment for the Queen to focus her tribes' aggression on someone other than one another.

As an aside, when I asked Gavin Syme of Alternative Armies for a suggested model to fill the role of spiritual adviser to the Halfling throng, he told me to leave it with him. This fine little fellow arrived in the post converted from AA's Halfling Walking Party with the addition of the finial of an Aegyptian   Halfling standard and a pine apple from, well I really don't know, and painted as you see here. A big thank you to my good friends at Alternative Armies!  


  1. Great stuff! What ruleset will you be using for the battle?

    1. Aleksandar,

      So pleased you like it.

      As for rules I have not quite decided yet! I have a variant of Flintloque that would be perfect except for the lack of magic rules.

      Will probably use the draft version of Muskets and Mohawks with the Valon supplement I put in the Yahoo group files. Then I can use the magic from Warrior Heroes with little or no changes.

  2. Great fight and great posting.

    The pineapple is from the 'Bits and Sprues' range on the AA website and it was my pleasure to supply you with the little scratch built critter for your games.

    Gavin (GBS)

  3. Very good.

    Your gaming room looks very smart and organised. The game set-up and battle report were fun to read.

    Thanks for posting.


  4. You are welcome and thank you too!

    The game room has been a challenge. Used to have it downstairs in what would normally be a "living room". Lots of space there.

    We turned that into a library and the game room is now in a much smaller spare bedroom. Hard to fit everything so finding compact solutions was key. Many plastic drawers under "the plank" for troop storage and that sort of thing.

    "The Plank" has served me well since 1989, survived three moves and even the installation and removal of child proofing soft corners as the need came and went. A credit to the regiment!