Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dawn at nGwakia Wells

Following news of the  events at Two Gala River, Sir Kev has gathered a scratch force of depot troops and marched towards the river. The core of this force consists of two line companies of his beloved Chavchesters.

The 115th had been assigned to garrison the port of Sookin, debarkation point of General McBaird's expedition sent from Inji to attack the Elven garrison of Aegypt from the south. As a result the forces at Sir Kev's disposal include company troops from the Madness Presidency. One company of Otter, and one of Goblin, Native Foot round out the infantry component of the column.

A single troop of the Naal Carabiners are providing invaluable service, scouting the route ahead and screening the column's movements.

Sir Kev's plan is to set up a forward base at nGwakia Wells, the nearest settlement on the Albion side of the river.

Last night the scouts reported a glow in the sky in the direction of the Wells.

This morning the scouts reported finding the settlement burned out. Neither orc nor halfling dwellings were spared.

Now, as the column finally nears the wells, the companies are on high alert...

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