Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sir Kev

Meet Sir Kev Blyng,  younger son of the Marquis Burr-Berry, and Lt. Colonel of 115th "Kev's Own" Chavchesters.

Here he can be seen surveying the carnage that befell Capt. Staines' detachment at Two Gala River.

While most of Albion was suffering at the hands of the Leaddites, the Marquis was able to keep his foundries running at full pace. Each time one of his new "machine engines" displaced some of his workers, Burr-Berry made sure that his former employees and their families remained housed and fed.

Soon faced with a surplus of idle orcs, given to carousing and generally causing mischief, the Marquis decided to raise a regiment of Foote. This also provided a fine opportunity to give his youngest son, Kev, a purpose in life as well as a career other than said carousing and mischief (at which it must be said Sir Kev is well accomplished).

 First sent to Catalucia to join the war against the Ferach Elves of Amorica, it was soon clear that the 115th was not up to the standard of discipline Lord Wheeling-Turn expects from his troops.

It wasn't long before Wheeling-Turn sent the Chavchesters and that "jumped up Lead Monger, Blyng" to Afri's sunny shores and  here the 115th experienced their baptism of fire, or more properly spear points, as Captain Staine's detachment inadvertetly sparked "Roo Di Shia's Revolt" or as the halflings call it "The War of Orcish Agression".

 As for the figure itself, Sir Kev started life as an Orc Deserter Leader, studio painted by Alternative Armies.

The addition of the tartan on his breeks, canteen, and headband was the starting point.

Turning his jewelry from silver to gold and then carefully inscribing KEV into his wrist bracer completed the job.

Hope you enjoy the figure. Be assured he will be appearing on the battlefields of Afri, most likely using the Muskets and Mohawks draft rules or Company of Flintloques soonish.

Next project is Queen Roo Di Shia herself...

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  1. He looks great. Hopefully, his carousing days will go on and on!

  2. Great choice of figure - I look forward to see what glory (if any) he brings to the house of Burr-Berry!

  3. Thank you Gentlemen!

    Turns out the fever in which I painted Sir Kev was more literal than figurative and I was down with a bug for the rest of the week : )

    Hopefully Queen Roo Di Shia and her tribeshaflings will not have the same effect.