Thursday, March 1, 2012

Orc's Drift: the Table

Here are a few shots of the table laid out for the Orc's Drift campaign.

As a reminder the campaign, written by Ian Page, Gary Chalk, and Joe Dever back in the 80's is designed to be played as four separate battles, each set out on its own table. Here I have combined all four into one table with what effect you soon shall see.

View looking West with Linden Way in the foreground, Ashak Rise center right, Orc's Drift center left, and Kachas Pass rear right.

I ended up rotating Linden Way a quarter turn to the East otherwise the orcs attacking there would be deploying in the rear of the dwarves at Ashak Rise.

Looking South towards Orc's drift. The River Canis is winds its way through the photo.

The outpost at Kachas Pass from the East.

A close up of Kachas Pass showing the defenders.

The bridge over the Canis at Ashak Rise. Dwarves can be seen going about their gold seeking business. Picture was taken while looking South-ish.

Linden Way. To the south west in the back center you can just make out one of the buildings of Orc's Drift.

Ashak Rise looking West. Dwarf sentry, foreground. Pack pigs and shack  center, and the rest of the dwarves in the background.

Ashak Rise looking North with gold mining dwarves in evidence.

Addressing the troops at Orc's Drift. Elven Standard, Osrim Chardz, dwarven engineer, and Brommeder, elven leader of Brommeder's bows left to right in center.

Things are a bit cramped as you can plainly see. Were I to be playing this game with a group of folks, I think the first three battles could be played out simultaneously, each taking up one third of the table and then the table would be reset for the final battle afterwards.

As it is just my boy and myself, this set up will do fine.

Not sure when the game will actually get started but will post when it does.

Thanks for stopping by!