Sunday, March 11, 2012

Orc's Drift: The Bitter End

Despite my previous misgivings, with the table set up and the forces in position, it was "go time" : )

The Kwae Karr approach from Linden Way.

The Severed Hand approach from Ashak Rise.

The Vile Rune, having been badly battered at Kachas Pass, elect to lead with their pet giant, Guthrum Mane. It was at this point that the giant's taste for the grape came to its fore. The giant blocked up the pass for quite some time while the battle played out without the Vile Rune.

Having done my bit against the elves at Kachas Pass, I flew to support the Kwae Karr who would be first to test the defenses of the Drift.

In the event both the Severed Hand and the Kwae Karr approached more or less simultaneously.

The orcs braced themselves to face the hail of murderous elven arrows. The approach of the Severed Hand stalled.

The Kwae Karr get stuck right in.

To my surprise they were up and over the wall in an instant.

This left their leader, Magyar Ironfist (Rep 5) facing the elven leader Brommedir (Rep 7). This was not going to be pretty.

Surprisingly Magyar was able to hold his ground. The respite was brief though as Osrim Chardz (also Rep 7), ordered his dwarven engineers into the fray.

The Kawe Karr were barely holing onto their toe hold beyond the wall when the Severed Hand finally got up the never to charge!

They too were up and over in an instant!

I couldn't believe my good fortune. Both orc columns over the wall in their first rush. The battle hung in the balance.

The time was ripe. I circled round and attacked the dwarves from behind.

I (King F'Yar!), plowed through the dwarves like a hot knife through butter.

Soon I was snout to face with Chardz! This would be telling as I was only Rep 6 against his Rep 7. Of course being mounted on a Wyvern gave me a slight edge.

While the dwarf and I battled it out, the melee on the walls continued. Surprisingly Magyar killed Brommedir. My wyvern snapped Chardz in two!

In a matter of moments...

...the last defenders were overwhelmed.


I lost fifteen orcs in the assault on Orc's Drift, to the loss of the 25 or so elves and dwarves that made up the garrison. As these troops were of the same quality as those that handled my boys so badly at Kachas Pass I must put my successful assaults down to luck.

Indeed I had expected a brutal slogging match that would try my patience and instead it was all over in minutes.

C'est le jeu!

Hope you enjoyed the mayhem and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Excellent game!
    Nice to see it brought to completion, so congratulations on that as well as having conquered those silly elves.

  2. I too am glad you played it out. Just goes to show, anything can happen on the table.

  3. Dwarfes know how unreliable Elves can be.
    good game!

  4. I have really enjoyed all these posts! Slightly of topic, but one thing I'm interested in is where your terrain is from, especially the hills. Your table set-ups always have a really distinctive and interesting look about them!

  5. C'est le jeu ! indeed. Great campaign. It made ​​me want to play a WHAA campaign too.

  6. Thank you all. The ending was faster and indeed more fun than I had thought it would be. Would have been fun if I lost quickly to for that matter : )

    @Chris: The hills used here are a short lived product that Geo-Hex released just before they sadly closed shop. Marketed as "Mage Knight" terrain they are modular hill/ridge pieces that came in two heights. Think I only used the taller ones here. Unlike Geo-Hex's hex terrain these are free standing and so can be used with anything. As for the rest I try to mix different manufacturers as it seems more "natrual" to me. The ground mat and some trees are from The Terrain Guy. The not paper buildings are from Pegasus as are the wooden fences. The watch tower was available from Warlord Games. The trees that did not come from the Terrain Guy are from Lemax or old model rail way trees. Oh the roads are also from The Terrian Guy and the river from Miniature World Maker. The wooden bridge is from JR Miniatures I think and and the stone one is hand made from an old White Dwarf tutorial. The stone walls and hedges came from GW. Think that is everything but if you need more just ask.

  7. Ah...that was not everything!

    The brown ridge crest pieces and the small trees in the enclosed field are from Warzone GTS is the "battleboard" under the TerrainGuy mat.