Friday, January 27, 2012

Raise the White Flag

Finished the third banner of the Suddan Halflings today:

The Haddenogere are one of the most fierce halfling tribes. This is due in no small part to what some say is a misconstruction of the Prophet Bilbo's words.

The Haddenoger believe they have been instructed by the Author to eat any Elves that fall into their hands.While this was almost certainly neither the Author's nor Bilbo's intent, anyone attempting to explain that to the Haddenogre is quickly deemed an Elf in other guise sent to sew dissension among the faithful...
The reverse face of the banner celebrates the near legendary hardiness of the Halflings.

Just need to flock the rank and file and then give all a final coat of matt varnish and the Halflings of Suddan will be ready for action.

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